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  Careful study of the Ghost installation folder (default C:doshghos) finally found the solution.

  method One: The starting point is Gho_pass.ini file, the password is stored in this file, but the password is encrypted, can not see directly, password forgotten friend can gho_pass.ini file in the win_p= 285c531773951052a224980b63358239 the red part is changed to 285c531773951052a224980b63358239 then your password becomes, use this password to go in and change it, So simple ~

  method Two: If you feel that changing the password is cumbersome, simply clear the password can also open the Gho_pass.ini file, change the contents of the following:















Okay, so the password is gone, use both of these methods can be in Windows normal access to a key ghost, if you want to be directly in the boot time to perform a key ghost in the inside to do a bit of repair, or you simply uninstall (no need password) reinstall again, ah ~ write articles than to solve the problem is still tired.

  Method Three: C:bootghos there is a gho_pass.exe to delete it off on it!

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