[Original] Resolves a bug that could not be debugged after IPCH is closed

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A few days ago to clean the hard disk, found a large number of ipch directory, the file is particularly huge, looking at the head big, so decided to change to temporary mode, while VS2015 and VS2013 I have changed, set the following:

(Keywords: ipch directory, vs large files)

After the set up does not appear annoying ipch directory, but the problem also came, actually appeared unable to debug the situation, error prompts as follows:

Unable to start debugging no data available

It is very strange to see this hint, what is the situation ah.

Later, it was discovered that because some databases were shut down so that there is a compatibility problem with a DB file that is generated as a new format, the workaround is easy:

Set As you like:

Click OK to restart VS, then open the project and find out if you can debug correctly?

Record it in case you forget it again.

[Original] Resolves a bug that could not be debugged after IPCH is closed

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