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Netcom Footer is a place we often do not pay attention to, it is forgotten, may also be used too, this article we will discuss the bottom of the site (or footer) some points of attention.

  Lots of links

You must have seen many of these sites: at the bottom there are 50,100 or more links. When a search engine crawls your site, it tries to distinguish between different areas of the site and to distinguish their weights. So you can put a lot of links at the bottom of the website, it won't help you. My advice: Keep a smaller number of links at the bottom of your site: 25.

  Dynamic footer

Dynamic content can make the search engine more interested in it. For example, you can include links to several recent articles, add links to pages that you have recently updated, or links to a few popular old articles, links to several articles you recommend, and more. Your goal is to tell the search engine that your content is changing.

  Time Stamp and crawl test

If you have a large web site, this can sometimes help. This lets you know which parts of your site are not liked by Google and are not often crawled. If you add the current time in the footer using "search engine words" like "page generated on 2011", then two months later, search [ "page generated 2011"]. It will list pages that have not been crawled within 2 months. There's no technical content, but it's easy to find out where you have some crawling problems. Here's a tip: don't use a full date, or Google may use this date to mark your page.

  No-follow and Pagerank

I used to no-follow and page weight (PR) transmission is more important, but later I no longer feel that this is an effective approach. So if you're using No-follow to stop search engines from accessing your contact pages, privacy policies, terms of service, and so on, stop. This is likely to do more harm than good. If you have some login links, such as user accounts, background pages, then use the No-follow bar. In addition, you should also use robots.txt to prevent search engines from accessing these pages.

  Availability and Font size

While this section does not involve SEO, usability is only a concern. The general footer uses a slightly smaller font than your text will be better, but not too small. You can use a lighter color after the other color, but do not make it invisible, it will be thought you are. If your footer has a lot of content, then group them, and don't just throw a bunch.

Well, let's review the ways to optimize your footer:

Limit the number of links, only the necessary

  List some of the dynamic content

Contains a date used to track the crawling of search engines

Use No-follow to prevent search engines from crawling pages you don't want to crawl, not to control PR delivery.

Sort out your footer content.

Use smaller and lighter words, and don't sacrifice usability for the sake of appearance.

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