Parse the XML file and write the data inside the file C # source code

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Using System;
Using System.Collections.Generic;
Using System.ComponentModel;
Using System.Data;
Using System.Drawing;
Using System.Linq;
Using System.Text;
Using System.Windows.Forms;
Using System.Xml;

Namespace Student Management System
public partial class Form1:form
XmlDocument MyDoc;
XmlNodeList MyList;
int current = 0;
Public Form1 ()
InitializeComponent ();

private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e)
Show data when the program is just starting to run
This.loadxmlnodelist ();
This.showstudentinfo (current);
Loading an XML file
private void Loadxmlnodelist ()
MyDoc = new XmlDocument ();
Mydoc.load ("Students.xml");
MyList = Mydoc.getelementsbytagname ("student");
Show Student Information
private void Showstudentinfo (int _current) The value returned by a function of type//void cannot be of type bool
Judge that the subscript value is out of bounds and returns directly.
if (Current < 0 | |, current > MyList. COUNT-1) return;

This.snoBox.Text = Mylist[current]. Attributes[0]. Value;

This.nameBox.Text = Mylist[current]. Childnodes[0]. InnerText;

This.yearBox.Text = Mylist[current]. CHILDNODES[1]. Childnodes[0]. InnerText;

This.monthBox.Text = Mylist[current]. CHILDNODES[1]. CHILDNODES[1]. InnerText;

This.dayBox.Text = Mylist[current]. CHILDNODES[1]. CHILDNODES[2]. InnerText;
if (current = = 0)
this.lastOneBtn.Enabled = false;
if (current = = MyList. COUNT-1)
this.nextOneBtn.Enabled = false;

/** Browsing previous Student information * *
private void Lastonebtn_click (object sender, EventArgs e)
This.nextOneBtn.Enabled = true;
This.showstudentinfo (current);
/** Browsing previous Student information * *
private void Nextonebtn_click (object sender, EventArgs e)
This.lastOneBtn.Enabled = true;
This.showstudentinfo (current);
/** Add Information button **/
private void Addinfobtn_click (object sender, EventArgs e)
Click Add Info to display the Save button and Cancel button
This.addSaveBtn.Visible = true;
This.addCancleBtn.Visible = true;
When you click the button, the contents of all the text boxes on the form become empty.
This.snoBox.Text =null;//null and "" No spaces in the middle of the expression is not the same, in memory is not the same way of storage
This.nameBox.Text = null;
This.yearBox.Text = null;
This.monthBox.Text = null;
This.dayBox.Text = null;

/** Cancel Button **/
private void Addcanclebtn_click (object sender, EventArgs e)
This.addSaveBtn.Visible = false;
This.addCancleBtn.Visible = false;
This.showstudentinfo (current);
/** Save Button **/
private void Addsavebtn_click (object sender, EventArgs e)
Create a node with a node name of student
XmlElement Studentnode = mydoc.createelement ("student");
Create an attribute with a property name of ID
XmlAttribute Idnode = Mydoc.createattribute ("id");
id attribute Assignment Value
Idnode. Value = This.snoBox.Text;
Adding attributes to a node
Studentnode. Attributes.append (Idnode);
XmlElement Namenode = mydoc.createelement ("name");
Assigning a value to a created node
Namenode. InnerText = This.nameBox.Text;
Studentnode. AppendChild (Namenode);
XmlElement Birthnode = mydoc.createelement ("Birth");
XmlElement Birthyearnode = Mydoc.createelement ("year");
Birthyearnode. InnerText = This.yearBox.Text;
Birthnode. AppendChild (Birthyearnode);
XmlElement Birthmontynode = mydoc.createelement ("month");
Birthmontynode. InnerText = This.monthBox.Text;
Birthnode. AppendChild (Birthmontynode);
XmlElement Birthdaynode = mydoc.createelement ("Day");
Birthdaynode. InnerText = This.dayBox.Text;
Birthnode. AppendChild (Birthdaynode);
Studentnode. AppendChild (Birthnode);
MYDOC.CHILDNODES[1]. AppendChild (Studentnode); ("Students.xml");

Prevents multiple data from being saved by pressing the Save button
This.addSaveBtn.Visible = false;
This.addCancleBtn.Visible = false;

Package Save button
private void Saveinfo (String _nodename,string _nodetext)

XmlElement Childnode = mydoc.createelement (_nodename);
Childnode.innertext = _nodetext;
Studentnode. Attributes.append (Idnode);

Parse the XML file and write the data inside the file C # source code

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