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1. Initial construction of the site, long-term consideration

Different plans give different website optimization policies. This is the most important thing. What do you want your website to look like. If you want to develop towards a formal big site, your current cheating behavior will lay the groundwork for the future. In the future, how to remedy the problem in a timely manner will be paid more because of the previous mistakes. If I am a K-owned website, I will give up the domain name directly. Otherwise, it will take several months for me to recover the domain name, and it will be easier for me to get a better result in a timely manner, you should understand this truth.

If you do not want to worry about the search engine, your own experience. Such a website is revised within a short period of time, and the impact on rankings will not be too great. When the website structure remains unchanged, snapshots can change in a short week. To achieve this, to maintain a normal webmaster, can definitely achieve success. This is also lacking by many novice webmasters.

2. Originality is the vitality of the website

Content is important to websites. This can be proved by a simple example. A seo tutorial blog keeps original content updated on a regular basis (one day or one week). You can use a simple zblog or wp to receive it in a short time. After observing several seo competitions, you can find that most of the participating friends use a small blog to get a big picture. If you want to obtain more evidence, you can study the major websites. Why do many large websites join a series of applications, such as blogs, forums, Q & A, and comments? In addition to obtaining interaction between netizens, these programs will bring a lot of original content. Sina's homepage and NetEase's homepage will all recommend one-screen blog articles. These original blog posts are the driving force of the website. For websites that carefully update original articles, the search engine will also take special care to increase the weight of the website and thus increase the long-tail traffic of the website, moonlight blog brings tens of thousands of IP addresses every day from the long tail keywords of each blog.

3. Do not place edge content

Perhaps tens of thousands of IP addresses can be easily obtained, and advertisement profits may be overturned. Do not forget that the consequences of such operations may make the website no longer be robbed. I remember a while ago, Wang Tong's blog was denied due to an article on the market case, not because of its great influence, but because of its violation of taboos. Websites with edge content usually have websites with expired snapshots, stagnant indexing, and even websites with powerful indexing and external links, with only a few Ip addresses per day. Tell the webmaster friends not to challenge the authority because of temporary negligence or boring factors. We are the webmaster, and the first principle is to abide by the rules.

4. Brand advantages

Network brands can be said to be the core competitiveness of the current website. "Trust comes from XXX... The advertisement of XX group purchases network is in full swing, and the online brand advertisement of the market is more and more. CCTV's advertisements are expensive. These websites make great efforts to name a website. Businessmen are not stupid, and website brands are also important to grass-roots webmasters.

What are the benefits of a brand website. The first is the search engine privilege. The website does not have a few pages in a timely manner, and the weight is high, ranking first, and there is no problem with multiple revisions. Do not think that I am joking. Take a closer look at my own industry and see if this is the best case in the industry.


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