Photoshop applies layer blending mode to make retro effects

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Su-Color on the previous article mentions the application of "computing", the core for the channel application "layer blending" mode to get the selection, and, Suseshun brings up the "layer blending" appeared in three places:

One is the mixture between the top and bottom layers, appearing in the Layer menu bar;

The second is "Application Image" toolbar, channel or channel to the layer of the use of "layer blending" mode of direct application;

The third is the application of "blending" in the "Calculation" toolbar

Core-the blending mode between layers, PS learning is the most important, whether the mixture is Rgb,cmyk, lab layer, or mixing channel, the mixing effect between them is always the result of our mixed object deviation from neutral gray, there are different opinions can be discussed together, although some tutorials refer to "Blending mode" sets up a complex formula for mixing and base color results, but it's hard to remember in practice that we just grasp the contrast of different layers or channels and remember their deviations from neutral gray, as long as the mixed object and the mixed object are in contrast, They will certainly be able to use a layer mix to get a result or a constituency we want to understand the substance, whether we apply the top and bottom layer of the mix, or directly "apply image", or "calculation", will have a qualitative understanding of "layer blending."

Today, Su-color again dug out the hidden in the PS application of another less known "layer mixing" place, and through an example, to understand the essence of the upper and lower layer mixing

Two pictures

In fact, a lot of times, especially the gray weather, shot out of the sky is not the level and contrast of the picture, plus a sky is our usual idea, many ways, the lasso feather replacement is the usual practice, but how to deal with the edge of the leaves? Well, some friends will apply the "calculation" method of the Last post, Su-color, Figure out an alpha channel, this channel in the sky and ground building contrast is huge, the sky 255255255, buildings and leaves 000, as a sharp contrast of the fine constituency came out, but this method is difficult to calculate through a step, relatively cumbersome, beginners are not easy to master.

We found the fourth place in "layer blending"--

1: First throw the layer of the sky over

2: Click here

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