Photoshop Design Granular Textured WordArt Tutorial

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First look at the effect:

Specific tutorials:

1. Create a new 1024*768px size document, set the foreground color to #6fb1bf, and the background color to #2a4d53, and then we pull the symmetric gradient down from the middle of the canvas

2. Pull into the background material, we adjust the good size placed position, change mode for soft light

3. The font "52PSXT", color white, the size of 345px or so.

5. Change the font layer fill to 0% and copy the font layer once

6. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the font layer to get the font selection. We create a new layer "texture" under the original font layer

7. Set the foreground color to #164b7c, the background is #b2ebfc, we perform the filter on the texture layer--render--Clouds, ctrl+d cancel the selection. (It's worth noting that I make a single layer of the font above, and the following line as a layer.) Because in practice, if two rows on one layer will affect the effect somewhat. If you are a line font, you don't need to pay attention to this.

The hidden content of this post 8. Perform the following filters on the layer

Filter--Artistic effect--watercolor

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