Photoshop highlight photo tutorial for dark characters

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Original film


Train of thought and debugging method: 4 L:d "^2 Y6 {* z* r"

First, the original film Analysis:

You can see through the histogram, three channels of color most concentrated in the light, and the dark and the middle of the lack of color distribution, indicating that the middle of the picture of the lack of contrast between the dark, resulting in the overall character of the dark, especially the face, background and character close, lack of level, space, lack of warm and cold contrast.

Second, adjust the piece of thought:

1, the characters to brighten, detailed details, and maintain the warm colors of the characters;

2, change the background color for the cold tone, strengthen the contrast with the characters, prominent characters.

Three, adjust the piece method:

To make it clear, the name of the debug is added before each layer.

The entire patch is divided into three steps:

The first step: highlight the characters;

The second step: debugging color;

The third step: overall refinement.

First step: Highlight the person.

1, open the original piece, copy layer (this is a necessary good habit), change the layer mode to filter color, the purpose is to light the whole picture, of course, mainly highlight the characters, especially the face, for the part that does not need to be highlighted, add layer mask, select the soft corner brush, the foreground color is black, choose the appropriate opacity, to erase. As shown in the figure:

Filter Color Highlight characters:

After erasing effect

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