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In this article we will learn about the inner glow options in the Photoshop layer style, which explains the settings and effects of the various options for the inner glow, and helps PS beginners understand the PS layer style.

We can imagine the inner glow as a section of a tunnel with a lighting device on the inside edge.

A "virtual" layer is added above the layer with the inner glow style, which is filled with translucent colors and distributed along the edges of the layers below.

The inner glow effect is not seen in reality, but we can think of it as a section of a tunnel with a lighting on the inner edge, or a cross-section of a glass rod, which has a circle of light outside. The parameters of the inner glow can be selected include:

* Blending mode

* Opacity

* Noise

* Color

* Method

* Source

* Blocking

* Size

* Contour

* Jitter

  Blending mode

Glow or other high light effects are generally performed using a mixed-mode "screen", and the inner glow pattern is no exception.


Opacity refers to the opacity of the virtual layer, which defaults to 75%. The larger the value is, the stronger the light appears, and the weaker the light.


Noise is used to add random transparency points to the light section, the larger the value, the more the transparency points, which can be used to make mist-filled or glass-colored effects.


The default value for the Color Settings section is to change from one color to the other, and click the Color box on the left to select a different color.

You can also click the gradient color box on the right to select another gradient.


The selection of the method has two, "accurate" and "softer", "accurate" can make the light penetration more strong, "softer" the light of the penetrating force is weaker.


The optional values for the source include center and edge, edges are well understood, that is, the light is on the inner surface of the object, which is also the default value for the inner glow effect. If you choose Center, the light source appears to be at the center of the object, which is obviously quite different from the inner glow, but you can interpret it as a light source and a color of the media.


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