Photoshop makes a simple wooden sound icon

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Before making the icon, carefully analyze the composition of the icon. Then start slowly from the bottom of the production, with shape tools to draw the shape, and then use the layer style to increase the texture and color can be.

Final effect

1, create a new 1000x1000 px canvas, fill color #7b7776.

2, create a 512x512 pixel, fillet radius of 90px rounded rectangle, and place the wood grain material, and then in the Layers panel, press ALT click on the wood layer and rounded rectangle layer of the junction, create a clipping mask.

3. Add the inner shadow and projection to the "Rounded Rectangle 1" layer.

4. Create a new layer on the "wood grain" layer, fill the color #5f543f, change the blending mode to multiply, transparency to 70%, and make a clipping mask.

5. The façade of the speaker is ready. Next, create a 512x460, rounded rectangle with a rounded corner radius of 90px, and align to the left and top of rounded rectangle 1, then copy the wood grain one layer and create a clipping mask on the new rounded rectangle.

If the version of Photoshop is cc, you can copy a layer of rounded rectangle 1 directly and then ctrl+t the size of the transform. The previous version of CC loses the fillet when it is distorted, so only shapes can be created.

6, to "Rounded Rectangle 2" Add inner shadow and projection.

7, to "Wood copy" layer overlay a 10% black and white gradient.

8, Ctrl+j copy a "Rounded Rectangle 2", and then move the layer above the wood layer, ctrl+t transformation size, remember to hold down SHIFT and ALT, Zoom 90%, and then add layer style.


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