Photoshop shows the blue tones of the railroad

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This example tutorial mainly applies layer masks, color balance, layer blending mode, is a more targeted palette example, why do you say this, from the effect of the darkened part of the picture and the bright part of the color and the entire image has a very heavy blue feeling, this tutorial steps is simple, but the PS beginners learn to rely on understanding

  Effect chart


The first step is to copy the background layer, add the layer mask, change the layer blending mode to multiply, opacity to 30%, and set the foreground color to black, and use the brush tool to smear on the mask (the red section below is just the smudge part, not the smear effect), this step is to increase the texture of the high light part of the sky, the building, etc.

Get effect

The second step, add the adjustment-color balance, this step is darkened to add magenta and midtones supplemental cyan, because there is no supplemental yellow, magenta and cyan are respectively by blue and red and green mixed, so in the dark and the middle of the adjustment of blue will add.

Get effect

The third step,

1 Add a gradient map, the left dark purple to #290a59, the right Orange is ff7c00. The principle of a gradient map is to replace the colors in the image with the colors in the gradient, using the brightness as the standard.

2) Add a layer mask, in the mask, the foreground color is black, and the brush tool is applied to the mask (the white part of the following is just the smudge part, not the smudge effect). This step is to keep the darkened part from being masked by the effect of the gradient map.

3) Set the layer blending mode to overlay

Final effect

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