Photoshop to build the effect of colorful high-rise buildings

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Use PS to create colorful architectural photos, adjust the photo tone is very beautiful, the main operation is the overlay of color layer.

Okay, let's take a look at the effect chart:


The specific production steps are as follows:

1. Open the original image, select the Gradient tool, select the gradient in the default gradient, such as the figure, modify the gradient between the middle and right color settings, the middle of the #ff0054 right for the #fffdcd. The following figure:

2. Choose to change the radial gradient, the pattern is filter color, and the opacity of 90%, as shown below:

3. Pull the gradient from right to left to ensure the light source is in the upper left corner, as shown below:

4. Increase the gradient fill, open the Gradient editor, and select the second preset. Change the color of the same * * *, #fffdcd.

Set the style to linear, angle 125, size 100%, and check the reverse. The following figure:

6. Change the blending mode of the gradient layer in the layers panel to filter, and its opacity to 90%. The following figure:

7. Now we will add another gradient adjustment layer to darken the lower right corner of the image. Use the same gradient change, but the preset color is black.

Set to line style, angle-60, size 100%, and check the reverse button. The following figure:

9. Set the layer's blending mode to overlay, and its opacity to 80%. The following figure:

10. Finally, we will add a lens flare. Click the New Layer button to fill the black layer. To the filter "render" lens glare.

Select the first setting, set to 100% brightness, and use the same position as dragging the lens in the preview box. The following figure:

11. The blending mode of lens flare replacement is color filter. Copy the lens Halo layer to strengthen it.

12. Final Effect Chart!

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