Photoshop to pull out the gray landscape photos naturally Clear color

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The average person takes a picture, the scene is so beautiful, why patted out to go home a look is not so, have this kind of situation, need not rush to delete first, share a few strokes simple and practical repair picture, let your masterpiece come back to the dead, reinvent itself.

The contents of this unit include "levels", "brightness/Contrast", "hue/Saturation", and "sharpness" adjustment, in general, photos as long as these steps can be done to the beautiful.

Effect Chart:

Highland map:

Step 1:

After opening the file, press the top function column "image"→"adjust"→"levels".

Step 2:

Click "Levels", the Color Level adjustment window appears, from this diagram, the gradient is all concentrated in the black region.

Step 3:

The next adjustment is very simple, as long as the three corners of the slider on both sides of the mark to the gradient black area, that is, the left of the three-point mark to the right, to the right of the left to pull,

When you are satisfied, press "OK" button. The chart that has been tuned to the color level has completely changed the Highland map.

Step 4:

Next adjust brightness and contrast, press above function column "image"→"adjusts"→"brightness/contrast".

Step 5:

Click on the "Brightness/contrast" adjustment window, and then pull the 2 slider to adjust, after the satisfaction of the "OK" button, the window photo is more animations than the previous.

Step 6:

After adjusting brightness/contrast, Next is hue/saturation, press the top function column "image"→"adjust"→"hue/saturation"

Step 7:

Click on the "Hue/saturation" Adjustment window, and then pull the 3-like slider to adjust, after satisfactory press "OK" button.

Step 8:

The above steps are for the main file, you can also point to the main file of the three-point mark, there will be a drop-down menu, can be adjusted for a variety of colors.

Step 9:

After these steps have been completed, the difference between the map and the Highland is very big. To further adjust the "sharpness", press the top function column "Filter"→"sharp"→"Mask sharp adjustment."

Step 10:

After the click of the Color Mask sharp Adjustment window, there are 3 adjustment items in the window: total, strength and critical value. It's a special note that the amount and intensity are the larger the numbers,

Sharpness is stronger, but the critical value is just the opposite, the smaller the number is stronger, for different subjects of photos such as landscape, portrait or commodity, such as sharp adjustment combinations are different.

After adjusting sharpness, press "OK" button to finish.

Final effect!

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