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Most of the time, limited by cost, process, customer requirements, finished production can not fully reflect the original designer's ideal.

So let the effect diagram explain it.

The outline of a hook

The pen tool hooks out the box shape, strokes along the path, uses a soft-edged brush to convert the path to a selection, and then deletes the selection.

Second, the border

Repeat the way before the inside box is painted.

Third, the map

Paste the food map, put it under the outer block diagram, and post the design drawing.

Four, add luster

Highlights, in the middle is the reflective place (with the positive light), build a different width of the bar, blurred edges, opacity.

Between the edges and the highlights, the vertical bars are filled with black + transparency and a positive overlay.

The dark part, the construction layer fills the black, from the outward interior erases to the transparent, the multiply the bottom.

Between the Edge and the dark part of the light, increase the three-dimensional.

V. Change the bottom of the map


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