Phpstorm Configuration Installation

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The Phpstorm configuration is divided into 2 major categories: project configuration and IDE configuration.

Project configuration (Setup), primarily to configure specific projects.
IDE configuration (settings), the common settings apply to all projects.

Project configuration
The configuration for each project is stored in the. idea folder in the directory where the project resides and the configuration is saved in XML format. If you set the default project settings defaults, this default setting is automatically applied to the next newly created project.

IDE Configuration
The IDE configuration is stored in a separate folder specified by Phpstorm, and the configured folder location is different for each platform. The storage directory consists of Phpstorm name and version.

For example:


The code is as follows

<user Home> Webidexxconfig to store user-specified settings.
<user Home> Webidexxsystem store Phpstorm cache files.
<user home> in Windows XP means C:documents and Settings<user name>; Above windows 7 refers to C:users<user name>


The code is as follows
~/. Webidexx/config to store user-specified settings.
~/. Webidexx/system store Phpstorm cache files.

Mac OS

The code is as follows
~/library/application Support/webidexx store Phpstorm plug-ins.
~/library/preferences/webidexx Store phpstorm configuration file.
~/library/caches/webidexx Store Phpstorm cache, historical records, etc.
~/library/logs/webidexx Store Phpstorm log.

Multiple subdirectories exist under the configuration directory and are stored as XML files in the configuration. You can share these XML configuration files to others, such as shortcut key configuration, color scheme, and so on, just copy these XML files to the Phpstorm installation of the specific directory, before overwriting please make sure Phpstorm is off, otherwise it is likely to be covered by the running Phpstorm configuration. So as not to achieve the effect.

The following list contains the meaning of subfolders under the configuration folder.

directory name User Configuration
codestyles code style configuration
colors configuration of custom scenarios such as editor colors, fonts
filetypes user-defined file type configuration
inspection code check configuration
keymaps options
templates user-defined code templates
tools configuration of external tools
shel F

Phpstorm configuration, System, plugin directory can be modified to enter Phpstorm installation directory files.

You will need to adjust the following parameters:

    • Idea.config.path
    • Idea.system.path
    • Idea.plugins.path
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