Portrait retouching: PS Lightening freckles and facial acne

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This technique is popular with older people like photographers because they need to reduce or eliminate large chunks of acne, acne or freckles. This approach is useful when you want to decorate a large number of photos without having time to use the methods shown earlier to handle flaws one by one.

First step:

Please open the photo you want to decorate.

Step Two:

Go to the Filter menu and select Gaussian blur from the Blur submenu. When the Gaussian Blur dialog box pops up, drag the slider to the left, then drag slowly to the right until you see the freckles (or acne) blur out. The picture now looks blurry, but we'll deal with it right away, so don't worry, just make sure the freckles are blurred and then click OK.

Step Three:

Select History from the Window menu to open the History palette, which records the first 20 steps you have recently performed in Photoshop. If you look at the list of steps, called historical state, you should see two states: The first one is "open" (this is when the document is opened), and the other is "Gaussian blur" (This is the blur we added).

Fourth Step:

Click on the open state to return the photo to its original state when it was opened. The history palette can also be used with the history Brush tool in the toolbox, so press Y to select the brush. When you draw with the tool, it draws the picture to its open appearance by default, so it is like a "restore brush." It's easy to use, but the real power of the history brush is that it can draw pictures to different historical states. You will see this in the next step.

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