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Power problems slow down your computer this may be a problem you can't think of, as the price of the computer always drops, the average family can accept. Some time ago my friend asked me to help my staff to buy a piece. The configuration is Celeron 1.7GHzCPU, an elite L4IBMGL motherboard (Integrated geforce2mx200 graphics, AC ' 97), DDR333256MB Modern memory, 80GB 7200rpm high speed hard drive, and normal 300W power chassis.

Start the computer to run normally, the speed is also fast, I also complacent boast said: "See it, money less speed ah ..." But it didn't go well, my friend called to say the computer was surprisingly slow. I used to see it, run the general program is OK, is running Photoshop, 3D, large games, the computer is like a panic, the execution of a command to 2-3 minutes, but the other program to run nothing. I think the virus can be basically ruled out, but I still killed, no virus. Hardware damage, also impossible, less than 1 months. Hardware compatibility should also be fine, because I have to other friends installed a configuration and this is the same (feel good to buy it).

There is no good way I will try to go back and forth, as long as a large program to run slowly, I suddenly heard what sound, and then run, how to feel as long as a running large program fan sound becomes smaller. I immediately opened the chassis, the speed of running the PHOTOSHOP,CPU fan slowly slowed down, almost to stop, what's going on? It is normal to turn off the computer and measure the voltage with a universal watch. Turn on the computer, and then measured the output voltage of the computer (5V) is also very normal, I let the computer run Photoshop to test the voltage and 4.7V, I understand, the original is the problem of power supply! When the CPU fan speed slows, the CPU itself will increase the temperature, in order to protect the security of the CPU, the CPU will automatically reduce the operating frequency, which causes the computer to run slowly.

Find the cause of the problem, the solution is very simple. Find a 250W rated wall power switch on, boot, problem solving.

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