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A successful PowerPoint demo, in addition to the content to be wonderful, beautiful page design is also important, so that in the first time to attract viewers, to bring them goodwill. Here are 9 tips to help you improve your productivity while designing PowerPoint slides.

Coup 1: Slide fast in Split

If you have too many text, one slide won't fit, you can quickly split the slide into two slides.


Click the menu "view → toolbar → outline" to bring up the outline window.


In the outline window, move the cursor to the place where you want the text to be separated, and then press the ENTER key (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 quickly split the slides in Split

Coup 2: Use guides to align graphics

With guides, PowerPoint can quickly align elements such as images, graphics, and blocks of text in a page to make the layout look neat.


Click the menu "view → gridlines and guides", and in the Open dialog box, select the object and grid alignment and the show drawing guides on screen item.


When you are sure, you will see a cross guide on the screen, and you can drag to adjust the position of the guide.


The objects that you want to align are dragged near the guides, and they are automatically adsorbed and aligned to the guide line.

Coup 3: Quickly fine-tune the location of the design object

In slides, adjusting the position of objects such as graphics with the mouse or arrow keys is adjusted in 10 pixel units, sometimes not very accurate. You can press the CTRL key, and then move in a continuous direction key, you can adjust a pixel for the unit. If you want to use the mouse to fine-tune, you must press the ALT key and then drag. Note: Press CTRL and then drag with the mouse to copy the object instead of fine-tuning it.

Coup 4: Quickly align objects such as graphics

In addition to using guides, there is another way to quickly align objects.


On the slide, press the CTRL key, and then click All the objects you want to align.


Click the Drawing button on the Drawing toolbar, and under alignment or distribution of the pop-up menu, there are several options, such as left alignment, top alignment, and so on, as you choose.

Coup 5: Quickly and evenly arrange graphics and other objects

Under the Align or Distribute menu, there are horizontal distribution and portrait distribution two commands, press the CTRL key to select multiple objects, and then execute one of the commands, you can make the selected objects, horizontal or vertical automatically arrange evenly, very practical.

Coup 6: Unified design style with slide master

In order for the demo to appear to have a unified style, on each slide, you can design a number of fixed elements, such as the background, the company logo and so on. These fixed elements can be placed on the master of the slide, which saves time by eliminating repetitive operations.


Click the menu "view → master → slide Master" To enter the slide master


Then design it like you would on a regular slide, add a fixed element and arrange the position.


Finally, click the Close Master View button on the floating toolbar to quickly return to the normal slide.

Coup 7: Fast alignment of decimal points

If you want to list a group of digits with a decimal point, such as a group of digits with a few points, if you want them to align with a decimal point, you can do this quickly by following these steps.


If the ruler is not displayed on the slide, click the menu "view → ruler" to show it.


As shown in Figure 2, select the placeholder for the number that you entered, and then click the tab symbol in the top left of the ruler until the decimal mark appears. Then select a location on the ruler and click Add a tab with a decimal point.

Figure 2 Tab


Move the cursor to the front of each number and press the TAB key, and you will find that the small number of all numbers is aligned with the Decimal tab on the ruler.

Coup 8: Reduce margins on placeholders

Enter text in the placeholder text box, the text from the top and bottom of the text box Benis is the default settings, in fact, we can reduce the margin of the text box to get a larger design space.


Right-click the border of the placeholder, select format placeholder (if it is a text box drawn with the Drawing tool, select Format text box), and then click the Text Box tab in the Open dialog box.


Modify the "internal margin" to suit your needs.

Coup 9: Overlapping graphics, distinct levels

When you enter text, draw a decorative graphic, and then drag and drop the text onto the decorative graphic, you will be surprised to find that the text is not visible. This is the object level in the ghost, first entered the text, was after the figure of the picture covered. The workaround is simple: Right-click the text object, and select the "stacking order → top level" command. There are other commands under this menu, and with them, you can set the level of the Stack object at will. >

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