PowerPoint makes beautiful Spring Festival greeting cards

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The year of the pig will come, many netizens have sent me a colorful greeting card. I also have to show you, all the year around the Office software, simply use PowerPoint to make a few cards, distributed to everyone.

After the collection of pictures and music materials, we can start the PowerPoint2002 (similar to other versions of the operation) started production.

The steps are actually simpler: set the Greeting card background-> Enter the blessing character-> add the personality picture-> set the background music.

Set Greeting card Background

1, the implementation of the "format → background" command, open the Background dialog box (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

2, click the Drop-down button, and in the Drop-down list that pops up (see Figure 1), select the Fill Effect dialog box (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3, switch to the "Picture" tab, click the "Select Picture" button, open the "Select Pictures" dialog box, select a prepared picture, to determine the return of the "Background" dialog box.

4. Press "Apply" (or "Apply all") button to return.

Two, the input blessing character

1, the implementation of the "Insert → text Box → level" command, and then drag a text box on the page, and enter the appropriate blessing characters.

2, set good font, font size, character color, etc.

3. Select the text box, perform the slide show → Custom animation command, and expand the Custom Animation task pane (Figure 3).

Figure 3

4, click the "Add Effect" button, in the subsequent expanded Drop-down menu, select the "Enter → other effects" option, open the Add Entry Effect dialog box (Figure 4).

Figure 4

5, choose a suitable animation scheme (such as "Flip"), to determine the exit.

6, in the Custom Animation task pane, set the speed option to medium speed. Third, add personality pictures

1. Perform the View toolbar Drawing command and expand the Drawing toolbar (Figure 5).

Figure 5

2, click on the toolbar "AutoShapes, basic shape, heart shape" option (see Figure 5), then drag a "heart" in the Magic Slice.

3. Select the "Heart Shape" you just drew, and perform the format → AutoShape command to open the Format AutoShape dialog box (Figure 6).

Figure 6

4, in the Colors and Lines tab, click the Drop-down button to the right of fill color, and then in the Drop-down list that appears, select

Fill Effects option, open the Fill Effect dialog box (similar to Figure 2).

5, click the "Select Picture" button, open the "Select Pictures" dialog box, select the picture prepared beforehand, determine to return to the Format AutoShape dialog box, the line "color" set to "Wireless bar color", OK exit.

6, adjust the graphic size, positioning it in the greeting card suitable position.

7, imitate the above operation, adds the animation to the above figure.

Note: According to the needs of the greeting card page, imitate the above operation, and then add a few more pictures of personalized cards. Iv. Setting up background music

1. Perform the "Insert → movie and sound → file sound" command to open the Insert Sound dialog box (Figure 7).

Figure 7

2, locate the music file in front of the folder, select the appropriate music files, to determine the return.

3. In the dialog box that pops up later (Figure 8), click the Auto button.

Figure 8

4. At this point, a small horn icon appears on the slide, as small as possible and positioned in the right place.

Note: The goal of being as small as possible is to have the effect of hiding it.

5. After inserting the sound file, a sound animation option appears in the Custom Animation task pane, pressing the left mouse button to drag it to the first item so that a slide show will play the music.

Note: We can take this approach to randomly adjust the order of the animation.

6. Double-click the animation scheme, open the Play Sound dialog box (Figure 9), switch to the "Timing" tab, press the "Repeat" button on the right, and in the Drop-down menu that pops up, select the "until the end of the slide" option to confirm the return.

Figure 9

Note: We can also insert some video files into the slide by executing the "Insert → movie and sound → file movie" command.

At this point, greeting card production (Figure 10), quickly press the F5 function button, while listening to music and enjoy greeting cards.

Figure 10

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