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PPT2010 used a period of time, from the installation application to slowly adapt to spend some time, is also groping forward, PPT2010 than the previous version has a great change, improve the efficiency of our office.   But PPT2010 itself is not a perfect product, for example: Turn on the software slowly, cancel a part of the add-in or slow;   Microsoft recommends installing 32-bit versions of Office, many third-party Plug-ins and 64-bit versions are incompatible;   64-bit version of QuickTime or Flash is not supported;   Can not be saved as a Web page;   ............ Although there are many problems, it is recommended to use. Slowly summed up the skills can not be called skills, to share. 1. Typesetting is immediateIn the ppt2010 input =lorem (2,3) and =rand (1,1) Code Press ENTER, there will be surprises yo ... Code parentheses in the number of variable, do a ppt template when the rapid see the overall effect, or quite convenient. (suitable for English typesetting only). =lorem (2,3)Enter =lorem (2,3) press ENTER (2 for rows, 3 for columns), and the words "Lorem ipsum ..." are often used in Latin articles in the field of typesetting and design, the main purpose of which is to test the effect of the article or text under different font styles and versions. =rand (1,1)Enter =rand (1,1) Press ENTER keyboard, will appear "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (Agile brown Mao skipped from the lazy dog) is a well-known English all-letter sentence, often used to test the display of fonts and the keyboard is not faulty. This can occur if you enter =rand () in Word.

            2. graphic arbitrary cutVector software CD can cut any shape, according to welding, cutting, intersection, simplifying the relationship between these shapes and shapes, you will find it amazing. PPT2010 introduced this tool, with the "combination of shapes" you can also quickly create your own arbitrary graphics. Attention: There is no "combination shape" in the Ppt customization toolbar, and you need to set it yourself to display it.

The combination of thousands of graphics, only you can not imagine, not to do, to try it ... 3. Strong image EffectThe production of PPT when the text on the operation, more of the picture processing. Some people say: "Good ppt production, mostly PS more strong" This is not absolute, enough to explain the importance of image processing. PPT2010 image processing integrates a lot of functions of PS, but the use of super simple, but also can adjust the image processing effect of the strength. Really make PS also ashamed Ah!

            4. The background is casually pluckedYou must always praise the PS Master's drawing skills, the voice of the Heart is also "when can I also learn?" No more envy, PPT2010 let you easily play PS pull map. PPT2010 's pull-back function, is no longer the previous version of the simple "remove background color", can remove the complex background color, and more complete functions.

You can use automatic background to remove the picture, if there is a bit of background color, you can also use some lines to draw the picture background of which areas to retain, which to eliminate. PPT2010 's pull-map function is perfect ah! 5. Flexible screen shotUsually screenshot will use HYPERSNAP or qq,ppt2010 built-in screen capture function, it is very convenient to use.

Click "Screen capture" to show "available Windows" and "screen clips". 1. " available Windows"You can insert any picture that is not minimized to the taskbar program. 2. Click the Screen Clipping"Drag and drop pictures that can be inserted into any part of the screen. 6. Animation Easy BrushWhen making ppt, it is tedious to add animation, especially to adjust time and speed individually. PPT2010 added "animation brush" function, just you can be like "format brush", just need to lightly a "brush" can be copied to the original object of the animation to the new target object, really super convenient AH. Note:PPT2010 gave up a lot of animation effects. However, in the PPT07 or PPT03 set in the animation, in the PPT2010 will not be canceled still exist, if you like to use the "animation brush" Brush!

Select the green cartoon car that has been added animation, then click on the animation format brush, then click on the Red cartoon car, the animation is copied. Attention: If the animation is more cumbersome, cascading more serious, you can use the "Select Pane" feature. This will help you select individual animations, change the order in which they appear, set visibility, and so on.

   7. Video GamesPPT2010 in the insertion of audio and video convenience than the previous version has made some improvements, first of all to see Insert audio: A to fully embed the audio format, in PPT07 or PPT03 only support WAV file embedding, other formats of audio files are connected, you must pack audio files together.   b for PPT2010, can be directly embedded MP3 audio files, no longer worry about the loss of audio files. c Random clip audio files, can be set to fade in, audio will not feel abrupt. Note:PPT2010 inserted MP3 audio files, relatively slow, and can not be used in compatibility mode, the other must be PPT2010 embedded MP3 audio files can be fully played. If you save the file as a 97-2003-compliant file, the audio file is automatically converted to a picture and cannot be played. (This is still in a lot of comrades pointing to know, thank you) audio is cut, actually just cover the part you do not want to hear, not really cut. If you use the Articulate Third party tool to release the Flash course, or the original whole piece of audio.

Next, let's take a look at the Insert video file: Now, use PPT2010 to completely embed the video file. Compare to an earlier version you can also embed a. gif animation file from the Clip Art Gallery. Support embedded network video files, and audio files have many of the same, can be trimmed without repeating. Attention: The FLV file cannot be inserted directly, and PPT2010 supports QuickTime (. mov,. mp4) and Adobe Flash (. swf) files if the QuickTime and Adobe Flash players are installed.   There are many limitations to inserting flash files in PPT2010, and you cannot use special effects such as shading, reflection, glow effects, soft edges, bevel and three-dimensional rotation, fade and trim features, and the ability to compress these files for easier sharing and distribution. PPT2010 does not support 64-bit versions of QuickTime or Flash. When you insert a network video file, only 32-bit Office 2010 can be viewed and used properly.

   Tip:If you use PPT2010 you will find that PPT2010 cannot be saved as a Web page.   If you want to extract audio and video files, you can make the following settings: First, save a copy of the PPT document you want to extract; Rename the ppt file to change the file name suffix. pptx to. zip (that is, change the ppt file into a zip compressed file), and extract the corresponding file using the decompression software. If you must put the PPT2010 file as a Web page, it is not not, look here: Wordy a lot, hope to help you, or that the words tool is not the most important, as long as you use it handy even if your machine is loaded with PPT2000?

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer tutorial section, triple Computer office group: 189034526 welcome you to join

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