PPT2010 How to create the artistic effect of the formula "beginnings" Beauty?

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It's often inserted in the PPT to write a formula, but have you ever thought about adding some special effects to the formula you added? Change the color of the kind of believe that everyone is very common, today in small series led to show you the company's "beginnings" effect, so the formula of the mask you can not wait to take away it? Don't say much nonsense, let's go and have a look.

Operation Steps

1. First open PPT Click the Insert tab, and in the text area, click the Object option group;

2, click the button in the dialog box that pops up before "new", then select the Microsoft formula option in the object type area, then click "OK" button;

3, in the "formula edit its" we began to edit the formula. When you finish editing, you can close the editor, as shown in the following figure;

4, at this time in the text of the PPT will be inserted in our edited formula, select the formula click the right mouse button, in the pop-up dialog box click "Save as Picture" command;

5, in the pop-up dialog box to select the location of the picture saved click the "Save" button, small series here will be the picture first saved on the desktop;

6. After saving, create a new slide in ppt, and then click the Insert tab in the new slide, and click the Picture option group in the image area.

7, in the "Insert Picture" dialog box to recruit to just save the picture, select and then click the "Insert" option;

8. Select the inserted picture Click the Format tab, click the Inverted triangle button in the adjustments area after art effect, and then select Art Effects Options from the Drop-down menu that pops up.

9, in the pop-up dialog box, the system will automatically jump to the "art effect" option mode, click the Inverted triangle button behind the art effect in its area, select the "blur" effect in the pop-up Drop-down menu, and then scroll the button behind the "radiation" to adjust it to the appropriate value for the virtual degree, and the more backward, the more the blur effect, But the text content will also be not clear;

10, finally everyone together look at the effect bar;

Tip: In the virtual radiation adjustment, the user needs to pay attention to the greater the radiation value of the virtual effect is better, but sometimes too beginnings, will affect the text content.

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