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The use of Win7 system friends should know, Win7 is a powerful place sometimes is a small function, it is these insignificant small functions to make Win7 application more intimate and convenient, but also can be seen behind the efforts of developers are meticulous. Today we'll talk about the right button menu in the Win7 system, this is what we often use a click, such as setting properties, personalized desktop, quick call a program, and so on, I believe that every user will use the right mouse button to click the action, in the right mouse button menu, there is a "send to" Features do not know whether you have noticed, through this "send to" we can send the current document or program to the mail, the designated location, etc., but if you have now to see, then do you find this "send to" is too simple? There's nothing strange about that?

So, can you let this "send to" show more items? Very simple, in the need for documents or programs, before the right mouse button, first hold down the keyboard "shift", see now "Send to" in, is not changed?

▲ hold down the SHIFT key and then right-click "Send to", does it add a lot?

Although it does show a lot of projects in this way, it may be too much, or it's not what we want, and it's tedious to do this every time, forgetting to hold down the SHIFT key and just start over. Can you customize the "Send to" menu? Well, yes! Then let's revise it and add some of our own features.

Type Shell:sendto carriage return in the Address bar.

▲ This is the "Send To" menu list location

As shown above, you can find shortcuts to all the options on the Send To menu. All we have to do is copy the shortcuts to our common items here.

For example: I often save important data to D, so I decided to put the local disk D on the Send To menu.

The steps are as follows:

Right-click Local Disk D and choose Create Shortcut.

Copy the shortcut for local Disk D to the desktop and paste it into the SendTo folder.

Windows7 Tutorial

▲ created shortcuts can be found on the desktop Oh ~

▲ copy shortcuts to send to the menu

That's fine. Now, if you just right-click a file and send it to the menu, the new option "Local Disk D-Shortcut" appears.

▲ sent to more of your custom designated location

is not a very practical trick? Simple set up once, let their operation more efficient, this is the Win7 system humanization side, of course, there are many, if you have been concerned about our article, I believe you will become a Win7 operation of the master. If you have not yet upgraded to the Win7 system, you might as well start now and act quickly! Microsoft in the near future, including Jingdong Mall, new egg net, three cells, suning appliances, the United States, Shun electric and other cooperative promotional genuine Win7 activities, and there are many pre-installed genuine Win7 system of computers for friends to choose, so, Recently want to buy a friend hurriedly go to understand it!

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