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Programming path (1)

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Programming path [us] Geoffrey James
Article 1 quiet Kong Yu
Article 2 ancient masters
Article 3 design
Article 4 Encoding
Article 5 Maintenance
Article 6 Management
Article 7 knowledge in the company
Article 8 hardware and software

Article 1 quiet Kong Yu

The programmer said:

"When you have the ability to take this crystal stone from my hands, it's time for you to become a teacher ."


In the silence of Kong Yu, a magical material was formed and born. It immediately quieted, staying alone, without any movement, but in the constant movement. It is the source of all programs, and I don't know its name, so I will call it a programming path.

If this is perfect, those operating systems are perfect. If the operating system is perfect, the compiling program is perfect. If the Compiling Program is perfect, then the application is perfect. User satisfaction-Harmony came into being.

The way of programming goes by and goes back in the morning.


This generates machine languages, while machine languages generate assembly languages,

Assembly languages generate compilation programs, and now there are tens of thousands of languages.

Each language has its own humble use. Each language expresses the yin and yang of the software. Each language has a place in this path.

However, do not write programs in COBOL as much as possible.


At the beginning of the universe, the Tao produced space and time. Space and time are the yin and yang of programming.

Programmers who cannot comprehend this path always use up the time and space of the program they want to write. programmers who understand this path always have enough time and space to achieve their goals.

Is there any other situation?


The Savvy programmer heard about this and followed it; the mediocre programmer heard about it and looked for it; the stupid programmer heard about it, but laughed at it.

If it weren't for ridicule, the Tao would no longer exist.

The highest voice is the most difficult to hear. Moving forward is also a kind of regression. It becomes late. Even a perfect program still has potential risks.

It is hard to understand.

Article 2 ancient masters

The programmer said:

"If you do not program for three days, life will become meaningless ."


Older programmers are mysterious and profound. We can't figure out what they think. All we can do is describe what they look like.

They are sober, just like a fox swimming over the water; they are vigilant, just like a general on the battlefield; they are friendly, it is like a hostess who serves guests. They are simple, just like uncarved wood. They are still hard to figure, like dark pools in the dark caves.

Who can tell their secrets?

The answer only exists in the Tao.


Turing, the computer science giant, once dreamed that he was a machine. When he woke up, he was amazed:

"I don't know-do I dream of Turing as a machine or a machine that dreams of Turing ?"


A programmer from a big computer company attended a software seminar. When he came back, he reported to the Manager: "What are the programmers who work for other companies? They behave poorly, regardless of their own instruments. Their hair was long and messy, and their clothes were wrinkled and old. They broke into our customer group and made rude noises during my speech ."

The manager said, "I shouldn't have asked you to attend this meeting. Those programmers live outside the material world. They think that life is absurd and an unexpected coincidence. They come and go freely. They only live for their programs and are carefree. Why do we use social customs to constrain them?

They live in this way ."


An Auditorium man asked the master, "a programmer never conceived, compiled, or tested his program. However, everyone who knows him thinks that he is the best programmer in the world. Why ?"

The master replied, "The man has mastered this. He doesn't have to think about it in advance. When the system crashes, he doesn't feel unhappy, but accepts the whole fact calmly. He also excludes the need to write the program instruction document, and does not care whether someone looks at his code. He does not need to perform tests either. Every program is perfect. Quiet and elegant, and the use of the program is obvious.

Indeed, he has entered the magical realm of Tao ."

Article 3 design

The programmer said:

"It is too late to modify the design scheme when the program is tested ."


A person once went to a computer exhibition. every day when he entered the exhibition hall, he said to the guard:

"I am a thief, and I am famous for my ability to steal. Warn you in advance that this presentation is also in danger ."

The comment left the guard restless because there were millions of dollars worth of computer equipment inside, so he kept a close eye on the man. However, this person just strollers from one Booth to another, with a slight hang in his mouth.

When the man went out, the guard pulled him aside and searched his clothes, but nothing was found.

The next day, this person came again and shouted out to the guard: "I returned to the door yesterday, but today the gains will be even greater ." As a result, the guard stared at him more closely, but still got nothing.

On the last day of the presentation, the guard could no longer restrain his curiosity. "Mr. thieves," said the guard. "I am confused by you. I really cannot understand it. Please tell me what you are stealing ?"

This person smiled. "I am stealing ideas ." He said.


A programmer once liked to write unstructured programming. A beginner attempted to imitate him and began to write unstructured programs. When the apprentice asked the master to review his progress, the master criticized him for his practice. He said: "It is not suitable for beginners to be a programmer. Before going beyond the structure, you must first understand ."


A programmer was once assigned to work under the Army Minister of IBM. The military data minister asked programmers: "which is easier to design a financial software package and an operating system ?"

"Operating system ." The programmer replied.

The Minister of military equipment immediately experienced an untrustworthy exclamation. "A financial software package is a little dumb with a complicated operating system ." He said.

"That's not the case," said the programmer. "When designing a financial software package, programmers act as intermediaries between people with different ideas: how the software must be operated, what is the form of its report, how it must be consistent with the tax law, and so on, an operating system is not restricted by its appearance. When designing an operating system, programmers only need to find the simplest harmony between machine and human thinking. This is why the operating system is easier to Design ."

The Military Minister nodded and smiled. "The same is true. But which of the following is easier to detect and correct errors ?"

The programmer did not answer.


A manager goes to the programming master and gives him a description of the requirements for a new application. The manager asked the programmer, "How long will it take for me to design this system if I assign five programmers to you ?"

"It will take a year ." The master answered immediately.

"But we need this system right away, and even require faster! How long does it take for me to allocate ten programmers to you ?"

The master frowned. "That would take two years ."

"What if I allocate one hundred programmers to you ?"

The master shrugged his shoulders and said, "This design will never be completed ." He said

Article 4 Encoding

The programmer said:

"A Perfect program is its own paradise, and a poorly written program is its own hell ."


A program should be lightweight and flexible, and its subprograms are connected like a string of pearls. Its spirit and intention should always run through. In a program, neither too much nor too little content should be involved. There should be neither unnecessary loop structures nor redundant variables; there should be no structural or overly rigid structures.

A program should be run in a whole way no matter how complicated it is. Procedures should be guided by their internal logic, rather than the external form.

If a program fails to meet these requirements, it will be in a disordered and ambiguous state. The only method is to rewrite this program.


A beginner asked the master: "I have a program, but it doesn't work. I have always followed the programming rules, but the results are confused. What is the reason ?"

The master replied, "You are puzzled because you have not understood it. Only a fool can expect to see rational actions from humans. How can you expect a machine made by humans? Computers imitate the theory of determination, and only the Tao is perfect.

The rules used by programming are just a flash of cake, and only the Tao is permanent. Therefore, before you are inspired by the Tao, you must meditate on the TAO ."

"But how can I know that I have been inspired ?" Questions for beginners.

"When your program runs correctly ." The master replied.


A master is explaining the true meaning to one of his beginners. "This is reflected in all the software-no matter how insignificant it looks ." Said the master.

"Is this in the palm calculator ?" Questions for beginners.

"Yes ."

"Is this in video games ?" Continue to ask questions for beginners.

"This is even reflected in electronic games ." Said the master.

"Is this also reflected in the personal computer's DOS system ?"

The master coughed and moved a little. "Today's class is here ." He said.


A programmer under a project manager is writing software. His fingers dance on the keyboard, and there is no error message during the compilation process of the program. The program runs like a storm of wind.

"Great !" The manager shouted happily, "your skills are perfect ."

"Skill ?" As the programmer said, he turned around from his terminal. "What I followed is the road-all the skills are far from what I can do! When I started programming, what I saw was a mess of problems. Three years later, I will never see this mess. Instead, I use a variety of subprograms. But now I can't see anything. My whole body and body exist in an invisible void, and my consciousness is empty.

With my instinct, my spirit can work freely without principle plans. All in all, I wrote my own program. It is true that sometimes there are some difficulties. As I saw the difficulties coming to me, I slowed down and watched them silently. Then I changed the encoding line, and those problems were eliminated. Then I compile the program. I sat quietly, making my work a pleasant mood all over my body. I close my eyes, rest for a moment, and then exit the system ."

The manager said, "I hope all my programmers will be so smart !"

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