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1, set the fixed label name, Web page also personality

Do you want to make sure that the pages you visit every day are as personal as you are? Let the proud tour to help you achieve it, as shown in the following picture, on the tab open the right menu, set the fixed label name.

Type your personality name on the pop-up dialog, and the page starts to become as personal as you are.

The name of your personality, you can have a special meaning of the letter, can also be your favorite food, can also be you find a website date ... In short, all kinds of strange, let your personality!

Would you like to change the label name again? Simply uncheck "Set fixed label name" in the right key menu, and then repeat the above operation.

2, play the mouse gesture, comfortable and personality

Please look at the picture above (6.gif) and use the mouse to draw the same trajectory on the page.

See, the page closes.

You just use the mouse to draw a track on the Web page, complete the "Close the Web page" This operation behavior, called "mouse gesture", how much more comfortable than knocking on the keyboard and click icon it? Want to know how to use this feature? Open the Settings center-mouse control.

Here you can see the mouse gestures provided by the system. Whether it is to close the page, scroll up and down the page, refresh the page, or "back", "forward", switch the label, you do not have to knock on the keyboard or click the icon, just a slight slide mouse, you can easily handle.

Not only that, you can also set the mouse gesture according to your habits and interests, both pleasant and personalized.

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