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Proud Tour Browser is a powerful multiple-page browser. In addition to the convenient browsing function, AO Tour also provides a lot of practical features to improve the user's Internet experience, after a series of beta test version, finally released 2.0 official version. However, a lot of users of the new version of some of the features are not very familiar with the 2.0 version, do not enjoy it to bring us fast, inevitably some pity. So today we introduce the ten functions that I think are more important, readers. More features, look forward to your own research.

1, online collection: Registered users only need to login account, you can use the computer in the same collection, click on the collection-> more operations-> upload online collection, the Favorite Folders saved in the address on the trip to the proud of the server. After the replacement of the computer, just login account, more operations-> download online collection, all saved on the server collection is imported into the current use of the computer.

2 Mouse gestures: Proud to set the center of the "Mouse Control" preset a series of commonly used actions, hold down the right mouse button can be performed as shown in the operation, like DIY users can also create their own mouse gestures in the center.

3, Address bar Search: In the Address bar to enter the key word return can. In addition, multiple search is a great feature of the tour, in the Search bar input keywords, click on the right magnifying glass button, or shift+enter can call Google and Baidu, Yahoo and other search engines at the same time search, and the search engine can be completely customized.

4, the Web site automatically completed

What can I do with the Ctrl+enter shortcut key? You may immediately think of QQ "send Information", in fact, it also has a magical function, is proud of the browser automatically fill the full web site functions.

Open the Web site navigation options for the center, "URL Auto Completion" shortcut keys preset Six kinds of complementary URL prefix and suffix way:

①ctrl+enter = http://www. + URL +. com

②shift+enter = http://www. + URL +. Net

③alt+enter = http://www. + URL +. org

④ctrl+shift+enter = http://www. + URL +.

⑤ctrl+alt+enter = http://www. + Web site +. cn

⑥shift+alt+enter = http://www. + URL +. gov

Also has the URL one key pass function, also very practical.

Open Proud tour Set up center, select "URL navigation", in the left of the shortcut key Drop-down menu to select a shortcut key (F1-F12), and then fill the appropriate URL on the right, click "Save" can be. Here you can also enter multiple URLs per line method, with a shortcut key to open multiple Web site links.

5, Screen capture: AO screen screenshot of the way there are five kinds: full screen screenshots, area Screenshots, window screenshots, the current page screenshots, all page screenshots. Among them, the area screenshot is the most commonly used method: After selecting it, not be the screenshot area will become gray, easy to view. After the screenshot is complete, the Save dialog box is displayed, and the location of the picture and the type of save can be selected. Of course, you can also in the screenshot options preset good picture location and save type, avoid every time to choose the trouble.

6, File sniffer: Video, audio, flash and other media sites and development. It can accurately sniff the Web site of a media file, which can be done in the tools-file sniffer. Users will be sniffing the URL to copy to the address bar, proud tour will automatically download the video. "File sniffer" can not only detect video files, Web pages in the FLV, WMV, AVI, SWF, MP3, WMA and other formats of media files can be caught.

7, RSS Subscriptions: Proud tour with the RSS reader. To be proud of the two ways to add a feed channel:

①, find the page containing the RSS, open the sidebar "My Subscription", right-click on the interface--Add, in the dialog box to fill in the title, URL and the folder you belong to.

②, when the feed icon appears behind the address bar, click on the icon, or drag the URL to the sidebar "my subscription" to achieve.

The use of feed channels is also very simple and intuitive: the RSS sidebar is divided into two parts, the top display subscription links, below the list of news headlines. Double-click the RSS entry at the top of the sidebar to view RSS in the main window, with both a webview and a detailed link, which is more human for us to have a quick grasp of information. And when the mouse hovers over the news headlines below the sidebar, the relevant news profile will follow, double click on the news headlines, and you can see the relevant details in the main window. Want to find a few days ago to see the RSS news how to do it? In the history, you can flip through the history of the feed, which is the same as the history function of the proud browser. Sidebar RSS in the "More" menu, you can also check the validity of RSS links. If you have a lot of RSS links, one by one to tidy up more trouble, try this function, can help you take a thorough inventory of links.

8, Floating button: Floating button is a means of the present tool. Put the mouse on any picture, there will be a small green circle button, which is for pictures, Flash and other network media to operate the floating button. Click on it to eject the Operation menu, you can instantly zoom, save and so on the image operation. If the picture affects your reading page information, you can click "Add Filter Blacklist" to filter out the current picture. You can also in the proud tour set the center to the floating button customization, free to choose to display the floating button of the Web media, display the delay time, the smallest trigger object size pixel.

9, intelligent fill in the form: with proud to surf the internet can easily solve the trouble of registration. There are two ways to use a smart filling form:

First, the Universal form: Open the setting center of the "smart fill out" or click on the toolbar Intelligent filling button, pull out "identity information" card, the commonly used information into the information card;

Second, the website form: after registering the landing. The first landing site to fill in the user name and password login, will appear the "Save Menu" dialog box, check "Save as automatic landing items" After the Save the form, the next time you open the Web page can be automatically landed. However, for security reasons, you can default this option, because you can also manually log on using the shortcut key next time alt+q. The saved forms are listed under the "Smart Fill form" button for easy invocation.

10, Security monitoring: AO 2 joined the new security monitoring system, at present a lot of trojans and viruses, are taking advantage of some of the operating system loopholes. When users browse some malicious Web sites, they may encounter code that exploits the system vulnerabilities, so that trojans or viruses can be downloaded to the user's machine and then executed. and proud Tour 2.0 new added this function is if there are trojans or viruses are downloaded to the user's computer, the implementation of the time, proud of the browser will pop-up warning window, users can choose not to implement these procedures, but also to eliminate the chance of infection.

How, these 10 tips, is not very practical? How many do you not know? If you are still old habits to operate the new version of the Proud tour maxthn, hurriedly try to change, with these new features, it will give you the Web browsing to bring greater surprises and more happiness!

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