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Today's Proud browser 3.0 ushered in the first round of beta updates, for users to bring a number of major updates. These include the user's long-awaited avatar regression, the new user interface under XP, and so on. The most eye-catching is the addition of two to the HTML5 feature support.

The new version of the interface, proud of the account's avatar back to the top left corner of the browser, and in the menu key items in front of the eye-catching icon, so proud of the 3 interface has become vibrant. At the same time, under Windows XP system enabled a new browser interface, abandoned the poor appearance of the system frame, the new interface more elegant and easy to use. Compare the figure below to see if it's a lot prettier. Proud Tour said that the interface to improve the work continues, the current interface is not the final style.

Fig. 1 The interface with Avatar under Win7

Figure 2 XP lower bound face ratio

This edition has perfected the function of the intelligent address bar, not only will the user enter the key words only after the drop-down prompts, but also automatically help users to fill the address, input a letter, hit the return can directly visit the favorite site!

Figure 3 Input S, direct access to Sina

The collection manager has a new design that is easier to use than the previous version and solves problems that cannot be updated in real time

Figure 4 new collection Manager with beautiful appearance

The most eye-catching update in the BETA2 version is the support for two HTML5 features. Support HTML5 feature is not IE core of a huge competitiveness, Chrome, Firefox and other major non-IE core browsers have achieved the support of the HTML5, now as the only relevant browser core-level research and development of the tour is not far behind, lead began the relevant research, The idea of focusing on quality and focusing on technology is demonstrated again by practical action.

This address will be able to test HTML5 video (for the first time due to the speed of the download may be very card): This HTML5 video does not require flash support to embed directly into the Web page, and--the most cool is--click on the video, can "explode", each piece of debris can also play the normal!

Figure 5 AO 3.0 HTML5 Video "burst" special effects

In addition to HTML5 video, AO 3.0 also now supports the OpenDatabase. "OpenDatabase is part of the HTML5 standard. Allows Web applications to store structured data locally. The OpenDatabase API is asynchronous and takes a set of callback functions to get the results of a database query. "Proud tour of the developer," the popular term is to be able to quickly query local storage data, improve efficiency. ”

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