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The tutorial's signature creation method is very concise, but the effect is very sweet. General process: The first to the character of the simple grinding and polishing treatment, and then use the mask to put the characters into a set up a good background, the final use of high light material overlay, etc. plus high light.


Final effect

1, open the character material, carry on the simple grinding skin. I repeat the grinding steps to help you review, more than one method, press the "Ctrl+j" key to copy a layer, modify the layer mode of "color", adjust the opacity to "70%", "ctrl+e" merged two layers.

2, the implementation of "filter"-"fuzzy"-"Gaussian blur" (according to the image of their own definition).

3, open the "History" Panel, (Window-history), find the following steps "Gaussian Blur", click the right mouse button, execute the "new snapshot" command, a good name, will be in the panel to form a new snapshot.

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