PS Create the crack text effect of the Third World War

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In this process, I will show you how to use the default brushes for your design work to create compelling effects. Some techniques are used, such as layer blending mode, mask, and image adjustment. Let's get started!

This is the ultimate effect.

The other version

Step 1

Create a new document, size in 1200px*800px, fill the background layer color black, create a new layer called "banckground texture", on the background layer, and then we start to draw some texture background, with the brush we just downloaded "grunge Brush

First, we want to load the pen brush into Photoshop, press the "B" button on the keyboard, select the Brush tool, and follow the steps shown in the screenshot below.

1. Click Next to the down ARROW brush shape/size

2. Click on the right side of the "brush" palette in the upper right corner of the arrow

3. Click the "Load Brush" button

After that, you'll see a pop-up window that will display the brush you're loading, as shown in the following figure.

(The Huang Liang solo part is the one we just loaded)

Now we have a set of worn-out textured brushes to create our background texture. On the "background texture" layer, I use these loaded brushes and draw some irregular patterns on them.

(Hint: Do not stick to a brush, try their combination and adjust different brush settings, such as flow and opacity, maybe you will get the same effect)

This is the effect I used to use the old texture.

Step 2

Now we have a background of a messy and crappy feeling. Type some text on the above, using the fonts we started downloading in this tutorial,

On this text layer, apply the following layer blending options:


Inner Shadow

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient overlay (Hint: You can adjust the position of the gradient, press and hold the left button, you can drag)

Now you get the effect as follows

Copy this text layer to make the text look more robust and vigorous:

Step 3

Hold down the CTRL key and select the selection of the text layer (if you don't know how to do it, you can look at the previous tutorial) and create a new layer called "crack texture". To maintain the existence of the selection ant line, load "crack Brushset" to Photoshop, in the "crack texture" layer, with the location of the selection, brush it again.

You will see that because we select part of the selection, the crack texture only appears in the selection:

Copy the "Crack texture" layer and change the blending mode of the layer to multiply (color mode, darker), and the texture of the crack will darken.

To create some more changes to the cracks, we can add some more layers, each layer, use different crack textures from the brush panel, and set the layer blending mode to "overlay".

You can add many layers as you wish, here I add two layers of cracked texture after the effect:

Step 4

Now we can add some colors to the text, select the text selection, create a new layer at the top of these layers, called "colour overlay" layer

It's a bit tricky, I want to make some color changes, so I use the Lasso tool and set 10px feather, hold down the ALT key and subtract the upper part of the text.

Keep the ant line, select a color, and then use a soft brush to draw the color inside the selection.

Load this layer again and create a new layer on top of the previous color overlay, and then choose a lighter color and a soft brush to draw in the upper text,

Step 5

Now we can add adjustment layers,

The overall effect brings some color contrast and brightness changes. I added the following two adjustment layers (Layers > New adjustment layer > ...)

Color bands


Here is the final text effect:

Ok this tutorial is basically over,! Of course, you can also add some of your own texture effects and see what the final result is! Please remember to always keep your own creativity!

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