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Small series of playing Light Painting light painting photography, found that with a flashlight to draw a good line, light level or the choice of cellophane tone, it is necessary to try constantly. Sometimes the painting is too oblivious, will accidentally let the flashlight light direct camera, then the screen will leave a clear line. Often see that extra light, grief Ah! Picture Color composition All OK, on that light mark bad everything, had to deploy Photoshop to save this mistake! The following will be a demonstration of the extra light to repair, adjust the brightness of the screen, and how to add light in the photo painting lines.

Get rid of extra lines

How to eliminate the extra lines? You can use the Clone Stamp tool in the Photoshop Toolbox, and just a few simple steps to make the screen look more concise and powerful. The Clone Stamp tool can remove superfluous zhi on the screen, and the same technique can be used to modify the blemishes on the face flaw spots, or to let people who do not want to see disappear.

▲ The right side has an obvious light mark, to remove it to make the picture appear more concise.

Imitation Seal tool Steps:

STEP1: In Photoshop, open the old file to select the photo to decorate, select the Imitation Seal tool.

STEP2: Depending on the scope of the trimming, adjust the brush size.

STEP3: Select a similar pattern, hold down the left mouse button while holding down the ALT key, will appear in the pattern of the cross.

STEP4: Click the range you want to modify with your mouse, repeat STEP3 and 4 until you have completely covered the area.

STEP5: The line all eliminated, is not very simple!

▲ Use the Imitation seal tool to get rid of the light on the right!

Adjust the brightness of the screen

Adjust the brightness of the screen is very simple, there are several ways to refer to. One is in the original camera attached to the transfer software in the light, the other is in Photoshop adjust the brightness curve. It takes about 3 seconds to brighten your life!

▲ The picture seems to be some dark, use after software can illuminate her!

Digital Photo Professional

STEP1: Open Digital Photo Professional, select the image raw file to be adjusted, press Edit, will jump out of the work window on the left.

STEP2: Directly in the brightness adjustment brightness adjustment of the following indicators, to the right to increase the brightness you can feel OK.


STEP1: Open the photo file, find the image → adjust → curve, or directly with the shortcut key Ctrl+m, also will appear curve window.

STEP2: Adjust the anchor point in the curve to the appropriate position, and finish it!

▲ After the light, you can faintly see the sound behind the details, model also lit up!

Add light to the screen

In front of us for you to demonstrate how to eliminate the light and adjust the brightness of the screen, if you want to add a little effect to the screen how to do? For example, the following picture, if more than a few hand-painted lighting lines, will make the overall visual effect more intense.

▲ think this picture is like a devil to eat people's appearance, decided to add eyes to it.

STEP1: After you open the diagram, select the path page in the Layer page and add a path layer. Use the Pen tool to paint the demon's eye shape.

STEP2: After drawing good eyes, select the brush First, select the size, shape, angle, etc.

STEP3: Then add a layer above the background.

STEP4: Add layer style and select outer Glow.

STEP5: In the mixed mode, select the linear light source, the opacity to 75%, select the color swatch selection of eye lines, expand to 8%, the size of the pixel to 29, press OK.

STEP6: Click on the inner halo, the same choice of linear light source, and the opacity to 75%, the size of the pixel to 9, press OK.

STEP7: Back to the path layer, press the right button, select the stroke path.

STEP8: The screen will jump out of the Stroke Path window, check the simulation pressure, the first eye is completed.

STEP9: Same as in the path of the window page Add path 2 layer, use the pen to draw a second eye.

STEP10: After you finish the second eye, go back to the Layer page and add a new layer to the picture.

STEP11: A layer style that copies layer 1.

STEP12: Right-click on Layer 2 and paste the layer style.

STEP13: Return to the Path page, the same as the path 2 to brush drawing path.

STEP14: The Devil's eye appears! Add another layer 3, and add some light and shade lines.

STEP15: In order to make the screen lively, small weave to find some light brush, you can use in the photo.

STEP16: After downloading, in the Brush drop-down menu, click the Load Brush.

STEP17: After the brush is decompressed, click Load.

STEP18: After adding layers, click on the light brush that you just downloaded. Can be arbitrarily adjusted to want the light from which angle to shoot over!

STEP19: At the bottom of the layer, select a small light source, you can adjust the transparency of the light brush.

STEP20: Use the shortcut key ctrl+t, can adjust the light brush size and position arbitrarily.

STEP21: Want a few beam, adjust the position light source, complete!

▲ The demon has a complete product.

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