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The background color is more single portrait picture, replacing the background colors with the replacement color tool is very fast and accurate; however, there are some tricks to do: When you open the replacement color panel, the tolerance setting is very important, setting the appropriate value based on the complexity of the background color, and then using the eyedropper directly to draw the background color, Changing the hue can be replaced by the desired color, but also with the addition of a straw, reducing the straw to reduce the background color of the edge of the hair, the last person face and clothing and other places near the background color will also change color, need to use a mask or history brush to restore.


Figure 01

Final effect

Figure 02

1, open the material picture, copy the background layer.

Figure 03

2, image---adjust--replace color.

Figure 04

3. Bring up the replacement color panel and use the Eyedropper tool to draw the red background color you want to replace.

Figure 05

4. Adjust the Hue slider to the background color you want to replace. If the image at the edge of the hair with the original red color, with (red box) + or-absorption of hair edge color, you can disappear red.

Figure 06

Figure 07

5, if the portrait of the face color also changed, there is no, direct point "OK"! In PS, the face color can be restored with a history brush.

Figure 08

Figure 09

6, with the history of the brush will be the color of the face can be restored! Finally, save the image.

Figure 10

Final effect:

Figure 11

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