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First look at the effect of the picture Bar! There is a picture of the true image, like words can continue to look down Oh! Here is a detailed introduction to the operating procedures, not specific how to use a tool Oh!

The specific production steps are as follows:

1, first, create a horizontal version of the A4 size of the gray-level layer, of course, this is the background layer, the specific parameters can be customized, according to their own likes, of course, to have effect Oh! Use the lighting effect to highlight the background layer to get the following effect.

2, this step is to make three-dimensional word, remember here must be a letter a layer, to facilitate the following can achieve real shadow effect. The production of three-dimensional word has a variety of methods, here and you introduce 3 species,

First, the AI 3d is my personal favorite.

Second, plug the plug-in Xara 3D or relatively easy to use, the disadvantage is that the font can not be separated to operate.

Third, if you use the PS has 3d features that is also a good choice.

I used the first method here.

3, the font is pulled in after the effect is still disrespectful, using a variety of selection tools to strengthen the relationship between the light and light! This is a bit of change after I handle it, and it takes patience!

4, after this step, we will begin to do the shadow, where we have made two shadows, just so that it can be more realistic response. Let's look at the first layer of shadows:

Because each letter of the shadow direction is not the same, so just every letter is layered or very necessary, of course, every shadow can be appropriate to do some dynamic blur. All right, let's get a detailed picture.

After the first layer of shadow is done, it is necessary to begin to enhance the effect of the shadow and the light source relationship.

5, make lifelike similar light source effect shadow is essential, here do shadow need patience, use motion blur, step by step superposition, can.

Obviously now the relationship is not enough, so continue shading where necessary the Photoshop tutorial has the following effect:

6, we still need to deal with some details after the shadow, the superposition of three-dimensional words with the details of the shadow, detail is very important, you can observe this is the effect of detail:

7, is now generally out, just to enhance some effect, here is the collection of material

The use of ink materials toparting stereo, mode for strong light, opacity of 60. According to personal preference, the effect is as follows:

It looks a little monotonous, yes, so we've added here.

The production of do not have to do more to repeat, we understand the above content, this natural will understand. is my creative blog: Top art, here are a lot of what we need, of course, this is a little hobby of mine.

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