PS make the three-dimensional effect of FU Word

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Final Effect Diagram:

The specific production steps are as follows:

1. Open PS and import the following picture

2. Select the selection, fill in the gradient, as shown

3. Add a layer style to it. Adjustment of bevel and emboss, contour lines as shown in the figures

4.CTRL+J copy just the layer, the contour does not move, bevel and emboss data as follows. padding to 0

5. Copy the above layer, transparency to 30%

6. Create a new layer, select the outline of the blessing, fill. As shown

7. Put the just filled, to the bottom layer. The layer that is seen in the merge (Shift+ctrl+alt+e).

8. Stereo effect. Create a new layer, like the figure with pen tool to check out the outline, fill.

9. In a new layer (layer 4), create a clipping mask (ctrl+alt+g) with a pen to outline the highlight (near * * *) and the Dark (dark red) position, feather, fill, appropriate adjustment.

10. The following are similar.

11. Finally stamping, sharpening the effect.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 249667984 welcome you to join

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