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Hand Word is through the text strokes of the changes, so that a text of a stroke and another text of the stroke between the organic connection, so that each individual glyph through the formation of word and word connected to the overall combination effect. This type of writing can be designed to show a delicate visual effect through the deformation and connection of strokes, as shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-2 Completion effect

Technical Tips

In the design before the need according to the stroke position, size, shape, etc. to consider which parts and strokes can be used for connection deformation, may wish to draw some sketches before the formal design, in order to foresee the future design effect. For some strokes, according to the overall design needs to do some exaggerated deformation processing to increase the taste of the text screen. From the overall design effect, the new combination of words must be consistent and unified, balanced and beautiful. Figure 1-3 shows the flowchart for this example.

Figure 1-3 Making an overview

Production steps

1. Draw Decorative Images

(1) Start Photoshop, execute "file" "new", Open the New dialog box, and refer to the Setup dialog shown in Figure 1-4. Create a new document named "Conjoined word."

Figure 1-4 Setting the new dialog box

(2) In the Layer palette, create a new layer 1. Fill it with white. Click the Add Layer Style button at the bottom of the layers palette

, select Pattern overlay from the menu that pops up, and open the Layer Style dialog box. Refer to the Setup dialog box shown in Figure 1-5. Create a background pattern for the image.

Figure 1-5 Setting the pattern overlay effect

(3) New "Layer 2" to set the foreground color to red (r:243, g:0, b:0). Select the rounded Rectangle tool in the Toolbox

, draw the rounded rectangular image in the view, as shown in Figure 1-6.

Figure 1-6 Rectangle with rounded corners drawn

(4) New "Layer 3", select the elliptical Marquee tool in the Toolbox

, draw an oval selection in the view, as shown in Figure 1-7.

Figure 1-7 Drawing a selection

(5) While pressing the key, select a smaller selection within the selection and get a circular selection as shown in Figure 1-8.

Figure 1-8 Drawing a ring selection

Tip: When you draw the inner selection, press the key, you can press the space bar at any time to move the location of the selection, release the key, you can continue to draw.

(6) Fill the selection with white and cancel the selection. Then copy the Layer 3 and adjust the size, position, and angle of the copy image. Get the image shown in Figure 1-9. Finally, the resulting replica layer is merged into Layer 3 in the Layers palette.

Figure 1-9 Copying and adjusting the image classification:

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