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Photoshop has a lot of magical tools, and liquefaction tools are one of them. The liquefaction tool can distort and deform the image and create an unexpected effect, so it is loved by designers and photographers. So it is not difficult to understand that when the liquefaction tool crashes and other problems, the user's mood will be very frustrating, and even the progress of the work is thus affected. If you're having problems using the liquefaction tool, try looking down and see if these programs in this issue can solve your problem.

  Problem One: liquefaction tools collapse

There is an experience that the liquefaction tool crash may be related to the size of the file you are working on. But even large files don't make Photoshop completely stop working, but they do affect the workings of Photoshop tools. If the Liquefaction tool crashes frequently or it takes a long time to load the design files, try the following solution.

 Method 1: Create a liquefied grid at low resolution

Many designers feel that in the design process should maintain high resolution and high-quality quality, but in the actual process will find it more difficult, because high quality means that the operation of PS to reduce the efficiency. Fortunately, we can temporarily reduce the resolution, and then operate the liquefaction tool.

Press Ctrl+j to create the copy image as a backup of the footage. Select Image > Image size in the main menu bar to set the resolution to 72dpi.

Figure 01

After lowering the resolution, the document is now open much faster. Select Filter > liquefaction to prepare the operation in the Liquefaction tool. Do not click OK after the completion, here should click on the storage grid.

Figure 02

Then click Cancel to leave the liquefaction edit page. Press Ctrl+z to undo the action of changing the resolution. Select Filter > Liquefaction again and click Load last grid to apply the previous liquefaction operation at high resolution. When you are done, click OK to confirm the results.

Figure 03

Method 2: Operate in a small scope

The first approach you just introduced is a good solution, but if you just need to edit a small area, you can use the selection tool to select the area you want to edit and choose Filter > Liquefaction. This can be done in small areas, loading and editing will become easier.

Figure 04

 Problem two: liquefaction Tools stop working

  Method 1: In fact, sometimes , some of the super annoying problems can be solved by simple means. If you see the action cursor of the Liquefaction tool become a cross, try to adjust the brush radius.

Figure 05

  Method 2: Reset Photoshop Preferences

If you still have problems using the liquefaction tool or other tools, try setting Photoshop preferences again. Press Alt+ctrl+shift to restart Photoshop.


Hopefully, you'll find a way to solve the problem with Photoshop liquefaction tools by using the PS tutorial above.

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