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If you are a new scene photography novice, see excellent works, is not to sigh why others make the day color so rich, their own pictures of the day is always gray, even the ideal of blue can not present it?

This happens when the brightness of the sky is much higher than on the ground, especially in the morning or dusk. A classic solution is to use the medium gray gradient filter. However, they can be tricky to use, especially if you use a lens that needs to be rotated by the first group of lenses.

Another solution is to reduce exposure compensation to make the screen less exposed, to ensure that the sky will not be exposed to white, but this may cause the ground is too dark and lose the details. This occurs even when dynamic range optimization is turned on.

If you have not played with the accessories (filters and the like), if you are not familiar with the parameters of the game (exposure, exposure compensation, etc.), but also eager to make their own photos of the makeover, the following introduction super simple PS a coup, so that you easily "treasure"!

The figure below is a small compilation of my targets.

The picture is not layered, the sky is still gray

PS Tutorial First to make a dark version of this photo

If you do not pass the previous parameter adjustment to achieve, or at that time only photographed such a photo, it does not matter, later through the brightness and curve function can be cloned a dark version of the photo! Like the picture below!

Although the color of the day has been restored, but the other parts have become bleak, the level has been pasted into a

Do you think you can get a blue and layered picture by stacking the top two photos?

Like this?

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