PS teach you to use the color board to quickly create a colorful mosaic effect

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Copy effect:

Open the whole! Create a new 600px*800px file.

Do you want to draw all the colored squares underneath? I'm not going to do this stupid thing! My Sixth sense tells me that I've seen something similar in PS before-yes, it's the color board ~

Take a screenshot of the Swatch, btw this is a flattened color palette

Then place, hold down SHIFT and stretch until the canvas is covered.

Filters – Mosaic

The color is a bit dim, add some saturation (also can be finished after the final color)

Copy the paint bucket! Pour white paint into some squares

Then start to do the shading texture, completely with the layer style.

Create a new layer, draw a large selection box and mosaic, fill in any color, (OCD patients say only fill black is comfortable (-__-)b), change the fill to 0

Add an inner shadow style.

Then, using the Move tool, hold down ALT and drag to copy it to more than one grid.

To make the top shadow style again, a common gradient can be in this interface with the mouse directly on the canvas to drag the gradient location Oh ~ After the same copy more than a few to other lattice, the original image only white lattice has this effect, so I also only used in the white lattice.

To make a triangular effect, you also use a gradient style.

The gradient color sliders are: 0%– black, 50%– Black, 50%– White, 100%-white.

The Opacity slider is: 0%–100,50%–100,50%–0,100%-0.

"Note: The previous x is the position," – "followed by the value." 】

As shown in the figure, do 45°, -45°, 135°, -135° a total of four angles, respectively, copying multiple random distribution.

The next step is to do this effect, the method is also very simple, see the following moving diagram.

For example, the triangle of 45° is copied into a triangle with other angles, and it can be folded as long as it has different angles.

Here's a trick to switch to the mobile tool and turn "Auto Select: Group" to "Auto Select: Layer". So as long as you hold down the CTRL key on the canvas on a single machine can select the corresponding layer, the level of the panel can be left side of the

Final effect ↖ ( ̄▽ ̄ ")

Ah, add a sentence if you need to do a precise lattice need to draw a guide line, I am too lazy to do this thing, using guideguide this plug-in a key can draw a complex reference line ~

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