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Once upon a time there was a mountain, there was a temple on the hill, and there was a temple. This kind of thing that can be infinitely cyclic is called Drost effect in vision, very interesting effect, and simple easy to learn, today's Folding Kwai classmate this tutorial not only to the Novice's super simple 3 steps to get the method, and has the effect of the more cool code into the order, we pick their favorite learning.

This is the effect of the Drost effect:

Figure 01

To make this effect is not very complicated, in fact, a few steps with Photoshop can be completed. Now let's all work together to achieve this effect.

1. Take your own photo as an example

Prepare a picture of your own satisfaction, with the selection tool to do the effect of the place to be deducted, here in order not to produce deformation, the proportion of the screen to cut the proportion of the picture frame.

Figure 02

2. Copy the original layer, copy placed in the original layer, ctrl+t deformation, press the alt+shift can be reduced by the center, adjust the size, enter OK.

Figure 03

3. The next is the most important operation, in the copy layer on the ctrl+alt+shift+t (again to transform the copy), in the area of the blank again appeared an image, repeated transformation of the copy of the action, you can continue to cycle, adjust the layer, you can get the following effect.

Figure 04

Bingo! is not very simple ah, in fact, as long as the effect of the spiral matrix software can do, not only Photoshop can do.

Figure 05

Advanced Chapter

Here we use a new software –gimp to make, similar to Photoshop, website download.

Figure 06

1. Can make this effect of the picture must be with alpha channel, so PSD, PNG format is supported, TIFF format does not know can, did not try. Here we use the PSD file that was done before.

Picture buckle out of the place as far as possible not too large, the best place to deduct the picture is the center, or behind the production effect will have large chunks of black. If the camera is taken, the pattern must be changed to 8bit, otherwise the introduction of GIMP will be opaque.

Figure 07

2. Open gimp and open the prepared PSD file under the menu bar.

Figure 08

3. Next enter Filters>generic>mathmap>mathmap, open Mathmap plug-in (Baidu Cloud Download:

Attached Mathmap installation method:

1) Decompression

2) Copy Mathmap.exe, Libgsl.dll, Libgslcblas.dll to the GIMP plugin (plugin) directory, C:Program Filesgimp by default

3 copy MATHMAPRC, new_template.c to c:users your username. Gimp-2.8mathmap, if there is no mathmap this folder, please create a new one.

Figure 09

4. Uncheck the Auto Preview (AutoPreview) in the Setup Panel (settings).

Figure 10

Then enter the expression interface, delete the original default code, paste on the Droste effect code, click the Preview (Preview) button (remember not to mistake the order, or it will be stuck!!!) Code download

The first 7 rows of data can be modified, by constantly modifying the data, click the preview to make the best effect. wherein R1, R2 control is fills the blank place the picture size, by fine-tuning does not allow the picture to surpass the frame or to leak out the black edge. P1, P2 control the number of edges, zoom control the last screen and the next screen distance, like the depth of the bar. Ratate controls the rotation of the entire screen. Xshift, Yshift control horizontal and vertical displacement, the following value is unknown.

Parameter requirements are:

1) # 0

2) R1

3 P1 is periodicity, the number of times the relationship image is in a spiral (frequency)

4 P2 for the number of spirals, the more set, the more the number of spirals





5. Switch to the user variables panel, tick the based on transparency and transparency Points in two, and then click the left Preview (Preview) button again, clicking OK (remember not to mistake the order, or it will be stuck!!!

Figure 11

6. Wait for the software to finish processing (see the progress bar below the panel, progress bar full can be completed). Ctrl + e Save, done or a little black edge, you can import PS deformation, you can draw a little picture frame of the inner shadow.

Figure 12

Figure 13

Actually try a few more parameters to get a lot of different effects:

Figure 14

Figure 15

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