PS to create a flower with the shadow Movement, branch with the shadow dance of the dynamic squid picture effect tutorial

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1. Comparison diagram and analysis of ideas

Original image analysis: The original composition is relatively concise, but the part of the branches are incomplete, some conspicuous, the overall lack of eye-catching highlights.

Creative thinking: Can add some flowing lines in the screen, but also with the picture of the flower branches in harmony into one, let the picture move up. This decided not to simply overlay a picture,

Only through the picture itself to change to achieve the flower with the shadow movement, branches with the shadow dance effect. Of course, you can use multiple layers through displacement, deformation and blur to achieve this effect, but the process will be more cumbersome,

And the effect is difficult to control. Is there a simpler way to do that? So many PS third party filters were thought up and decided to try. The process of finding and experimenting was long, but fortunately I finally

Got it.

The final effect: the screen changed the original monotonous, evolved into several groups of overlapping images, the formation of lines so that the entire picture flow up, the actual situation has degrees, foil the dance of the flower branches. It is very rare that

Real image and imaginary shadow combine more perfect, a little coherent feeling.

2. Copy Layer application filter

The copied layer is used for the effect, and the original layer is used to restore part of the image. Duplicating a layer to decorate a picture is a good habit to avoid a lot of unnecessary steps and mistakes that can't be undone.

3. Eye Candy strabismus (squint) filter

Briefly introduce the eye Candy squint (squint) filter. Squint English is the meaning of squinting and strabismus. The filter reorganization image is known to produce various types of blur, adjustable parameters more,

than PS with a variety of fuzzy filters powerful, can get some unexpected results. Call this filter, adjust the parameters, pay special attention to blur after the shadow of the size, shape not too small,

Try to stretch a little. In addition, interested in this filter friends, can find the Internet, the famous eye candy filter can be downloaded.

4. Restore part of the image

After the filter processing, the flow of the line is basically available, but the picture is completely blurred, need to put flowers and branches to restore. Add a mask and draw the parts you want with the appropriate size brush.

Note that the hardness and flow of the brush will be lower, slowly depicted, let the actual situation over natural reality.

5. Use the curve to adjust the level of the picture

Adjust the level of the screen with the curve, and pay attention to the darkest part and the most bright part on the histogram position, so that the curve falls in the image information part of the whole picture of the tone set down. This step needs to be based on the photo

Its own tone, the specific shape of the curve varies depending on the diagram. Of course, you can also use the color scale, brightness and contrast adjustment.


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