PS to create classical imitation meticulous fine figure pictures

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First of all, to analyze the characteristics of fine brushwork: lines are the foundation and backbone of fine brushwork, color to solid colored mainly, general colors crisp, elegant, there is a unified color; plane sense: In the fine brushwork from composition, line, color to the image of the detailed treatment with a certain sense of the plane and decorative. Know the above characteristics, the direction of the latter is also clear, the latter to adjust the relationship between light and shade, reduce the contrast between light and dark, extraction lines, and then unified tone.


Figure 01

Final effect Diagram

Figure 02

1, open raw files, the basis of the board to adjust exposure, lighten the shadow, reduce contrast, such as simple adjustment, and then to the PS panel grinding, liquefaction and other basic operations. Not in detail here.

Figure 03

2, to focus on the extraction line: first copy the background layer CTRL + Shift + U go color, and then copy the color picture Ctrl + I inverse, and the layer blending mode to "color Dodge."

Figure 04

3, change the layer blending mode, the screen appears white, do not worry, and then go down.

Figure 05

4, Filters > Other > Minimum value, the radius I give is 1, can see already have line. The next thing to do is to harden the edge contour and copy the topmost layer.

Figure 06

5, then stamp the new layer, blending mode to "multiply", here to turn off just copied the inverse layer, is the first inverse layer mixed.

Figure 07

6, finally get this layer, just a series of operations to get this layer, the merged layer line extraction is over.

Figure 08

7, the next start to paint: Double-click just the line manuscript layer, in the open panel to adjust the position of the red arrow, mixed color with a layer, here, hold down the ALT key to make the Triangle slider apart, the value of the appropriate can be.

Figure 09

8, copy the background layer to the top, layer blending mode to "color", further coloring, some of the exposure of the place, I also extracted some of the original layer of transparency as a fill.

Figure 10

9, then add the petals, poetry and corner trees, add to the picture.

Figure 11

10, adjust the curve, the use of masks to make people face light more flat, next to hue/saturation, optional color made a slight adjustment.

Figure 12

11, online find a piece of parchment or paper material.

Figure 13

12, drag the material to the layer, blending mode to "multiply the bottom", adjust the opacity, feel appropriate, and finally stamped the new layer, the overall tone to adjust the color balance: the middle of the Gatzing Red, the final online manuscript layer with the selection of the tree trunk part copied to the top, multiply the bottom, adjust the transparency, deepen the line of the tree.

Figure 14

Final effect:

Figure 15

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