PS to treat the photo as a non-mainstream ink painting

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The effect of the tutorial has a little comic effect. A lot of filter effects are used in the production process. These filters are used to make comic-like brush texture effects. The specific parameter settings need to be based on the actual picture size. The tutorial has no detailed process reference map and needs to be explored slowly.


Final effect

1, open the original material, do simple processing, such as cutting, grinding, noise reduction and so on.

2, copy has been repaired the diagram, press CTRL + Shift + U go color, press CTRL + I reversed, determine the layer blending mode to "color Dodge."

3. Create a new layer, press CTRL + Shift + ALT + E-stamped layer, execute: filter > Other > Minimum, value 1.

4. Merge the top 2 layers and change the layer blending mode to "multiply".

5, back to the background layer, press CTRL + M to adjust the curve, slightly fine-tuning a little brighter.

6, Merge all the layers, then the smear work.

7, the implementation: Filter > Blur > Special blur, the value is: 1.6/16.

8, select the Smudge tool, smear the hair and lips, pay attention to 2 strength.

9. Create a new layer and draw your eyeballs. After the appropriate blur layer blending mode to "color filter."

10, with the deepening tool brush out the shadow, so that the picture right level.

11, merging all the layers, the following is the overall cosmetic work.

12, the background layer to copy a layer, execution: filters > Art effects > Dry strokes, parameter settings slightly smaller.

13, change the layer transparency, plus the layer mask, with a black brush to erase the skin, hair and clothing parts.

14. Merge layers, perform: image > Adjust > Optional color, select Black, then change the red value to:-10.

15, finally add text and decorative material, complete the final effect.

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