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Before each shoot, I will first conceive the whole set of the overall tone of the film, and then based on the color selection of clothing props and creations. This group of photos I chose the minimum and soft tones, but also to share this group of works of late experience.

Open PS, in general, I will first on the skin of the defect modification and simple grinding and liquefaction treatment. Many related tutorials on the Internet, the effect is as shown.

Okay, here's the point, tone.

First of all, I think the complexion is a little bit dark, so I choose the Curve tool, lighten the complexion. (Overall light, and then use the mask to select skin, the skin brightness increase)

Step Two:

To fine-tune the overall tone, I used the optional color of the highlight part of the adjustment, and then the overall picture dropped 15 brightness.

Step Three:

The background is darkened to make the main body more prominent and enhance the tone.

I used a curved tool for the whole process of dimming, and then use the mask to rub the body out.

Fourth Step:

Use an optional color to decorate the skin of the person. Then use the brightness contrast to fine-tune the whole.

Because next I will use the cold color to render the whole picture, so this I will try to make the skin color warming.

Fifth Step:

Use the Channel mixer to adjust the overall hue. Use the blue channel to adjust the constants.

Sixth step:

Well, after the adjustment of the last step, we can see the overall tone of the mood out, and then, the film light and shade relationship adjustment, I used the curve and color two tools to fine-tune the screen.

I think the white in the cloud is a little bit more highlighted.

Have a little influence on the main body, so I choose the optional color, the white part of fine-tuning.

Well, basically the tone has come out, the last step, I choose Film plug-ins, add some particles to the screen texture. Done.


As for the latter, it is important to train the mind, not to dwell on the number of values. Must have a general plan for the whole film in the early stage. There is to enhance the aesthetic, see more and learn more.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 339853166 welcome you to join

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