PS Use filters and materials to quickly convert characters to flame portraits

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The method of making flame portraits is very unique. Process: First use the filter to extract the character contour lines, and the channel to pull out the line, and then use the layer style to add color to the line, and finally with the flame material superimposed around the contour to enhance the flame feeling.


Final effect

1, in PS to open the picture, alt+shitf+ctrl+b processing into black and white effect, and then ctrl+j copy a layer, the copied layer ctrl+i reverse phase treatment. Adjusts the layer style to color dodge. Perform filters-blur-Gaussian blur, value 1.8, a little sketch feeling, there are wood, in fact, the previous steps are for the line draft.

2, Alt+ctrl+shift+e stamped layer, and ctrl+i reversed phase. Copy the red channel in the channel panel for color or curve processing. Let the contrast more obvious, the time is good to extract the line draft. Press CTRL + The red channel, load the selection, go back to the layers panel, ctrl+j, and change the layer name to "line copy layer". With an eraser erase the extra background, create a new black layer below. Get effect.

3, double-click the line manuscript layer, set the layer style of the inner glow, luster, color participation, the external luminous parameters are respectively.

4, in order to make the effect of combustion more realistic, add a filter-twist-ripple effect.


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