PS Use material overlay to make dark tune flowers tutorial

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First, the use of the opportunity and basic ideas:

This is a very ordinary flower, it is not conspicuous, simple color. After a simple PS post-processing, immediately transformed into a bright color, rich texture, with a unique dark beauty of the beautiful flowers. This tutorial is the use of simple material stacking method to create darkened personality of flowers, interested friends should pay attention to

Second, the material used:

Three, Photoshop Tutorial procedure:

1, the first is to copy the background layer, and then the two layer overlay mode to set the soft light, reduce the transparency of 50%, the purpose is to increase the color saturation of the picture and contrast. To remind you, copying a background layer is often designed to protect the background.

2, drag into the material 1, layer mode for overlay, add mask with brush paint to the center of the screen. This is done to add a little texture and dark angle to the picture


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