Python file Action class operation instance code

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  #!/usr/bin/env python

#!/usr/bin/env python 

#coding: utf-8 

# Auth Or: Cool

Purpose: File action class  

# created:2011/1/1 


#声明一个字符串文本 &N Bsp

poem= '  

programming is fun test  

When the work is done 

One if You are wanna make your work also fun: 

use python! 


#创建一个file类的实例, mode Thought: Read-only mode (' R '), write mode (' W '), Append mode (' a ')  

F=file (' poem.txt ', ' a ') #open for ' W ' riting 

F.write ( Poem) #写入文本到文件 write text to file 

F.close () #关闭文件 close the file 


#默认 is a read-only mode  

f=file (' poem.txt ')  

# If no # is specified, ' r ' ead the mode is assumed by DEFAULT&N Bsp

While true: 

Line=f.readline () #读取文件的每一个行  

-If Len (line) ==0: # Zero Length I Ndicates eof 


Print line, #输出该行  

#注意, because the content read from the file has ended with a newline character, we use commas on the output statement to eliminate word wrapping. &NBSP


#Notice comma to avoid automatic newline added by python 

F.close () #close the file 




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