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When presenting PowerPoint, I usually think about how to say the contents of the script, and forget the total number of pages in the PPT slide, especially when there are more pages, the more time you spend on the previous slides, the less time you will have to talk about later.

It would be nice to show the total number of pages in a PowerPoint slide, but Powerpoint2003 wouldn't be able to add pages to all the slides, just like its two brothers Word and Excel, by inserting the total number of pages in the header or corner of the page.

In fact, we can do it on the slide master to achieve this function.

First step: Open the Powerpoint2003 file, first add the number to each slide (equivalent to the page number in Word). Click the menu "Insert"-> "Slide Number", select "Slide Number", and then click "Apply All".

Step two: Next look at the total number of pages in the entire Powerpoint2003, for example, this PowerPoint has 10 pages, and then we'll go to the slide master status to edit the master. Click the menu "View"-> "master"-> "slide master" into the master state.

The third step: Watch the slide master, the master of the lower left corner of a "digital area" where, with a mouse click can be edited.

Move the cursor to the back of the "<#>" symbol, and then type "/10", of course, "/10" You can change it to the form you want, such as "10 pages" and so on.

Fourth step: After editing, click the menu "View"-> "normal", exit the master status, and save the entire file.

This allows us to see the total number of pages we have set on each page.

When you delete Powerpoint2003 pages, remember to change the settings here because the total number of PowerPoint pages is not automatically recognized here.

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