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As we all know, search engine optimization in the process of Enterprise Station ranking is the goal of common pursuit, but it is easy to take the land of Jiangshan difficult Ah, to get ranked after how to stabilize the ranking to maintain in an ideal position, today the author of their own corporate website in Baidu Performance and everyone to learn. First of all, I let you see the current keyword ranking. Although the competitiveness is not very big but the author's website has firmly lived in Baidu home page two years, the following will be the operation of the method and everyone to share.


First, the site online early article content of the operation strategy. The author's website is 2010 on-line, completes the basic website structure construction at the beginning of the line, the three big Mark's writing, mainly is the article content operation, the content aspect author first chooses and the key words coincide the news and the industry article as the starting point, the article prophase mainly to the high quality original article mainly, Fixed daily updates, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting spiders, the author especially in Saturday, is also to maintain a fixed update frequency, after the number of efforts to reach more than 100, in the construction of the article in the process of the author to remind everyone is that the article as far as possible do not appear too much optimization traces For example, the title can appropriately contain related keywords, but remember not to do too many keywords in order to optimize, including the article can be appropriate interspersed with auxiliary keywords and long tail words do not always use the main keyword, although our goal is to obtain the main keyword ranking, and then drive the performance of other long tail words, However, the author suggested that the appropriate words in the appropriate place, a large number of piling up, the patchwork will be counterproductive.

Second, the site links to add a strategy. Friendship connection is to improve the weight of the site one of the effective way, prior to adding friends, the first to build on the Web site articles and snapshots on the basis of normal, the article is best included in more than 100 articles, because the article included the number of indirect description of the site by the search engine recognition degree, but also we find the link partner capital. Building friendship Links the author of their own experience to think that friendship links first relevance is the basis, the best and peers to exchange, and secondly, pay attention to each other's site collection and snapshots, the other side of the site included more snapshots of the new description for the search engine friendliness and the site in the search engine weight is also higher, finally, Link construction to pay due attention to the PR, now a lot of friends think that the PR is not very important for Baidu, in fact, I think all is rhetoric, just imagine a pr0 station in time snapshots and included, the keyword performance is very good, but a PR4 station may not exchange with him, I think the PR is in dilute but their PR is not very high case or as far as possible and equivalent or close to the site to exchange, of course, can be changed to a higher site that is better. The following author analysis of their own site friendship link situation, is still in a gradual increase.

Third, the post-site key words of stability and the construction of external links. The ranking of stable keywords after the ranking is a key issue that must be paid attention to in the later and even the whole optimization process. For the external construction of the author always keep improving the operation of the strategy, as far as possible for the site to obtain a higher weight of the external connection, because the high weight of the site outside the link is the ranking of the stability of one of the most important weight, Many friends early performance good, but often not lasting, many reasons are outside the site, for example, many friends in order to increase the number of early increase in some of the low quality of the links include a large number of forum signatures, spam and so on these are the stability of the late ranking of the obstacles, The author suggested that the high weight of the connection is also the author's current mode of operation, including high weights of A5 Soft text submissions, information platform for the construction of the external link, the relevance of friendship links and so these are to improve the weight of our website powerful weapons, Early accumulation process Although relatively long, but later on the stability of the site ranking is undoubtedly helpful, suggest novice friends just start to correct mentality, take the right way of operation, plus patience and persistence will achieve good results.

All right, let's share this with you today. The author will be in the enterprise website of the operation and maintenance of the experience of the accumulated without reservation and everyone to exchange a bit, search engine optimization simple and difficult, success and failure may lie in the operation of a detail of a step, seriously treat the site optimization of each process and details, Site weight accumulation and the ranking of the late is not a problem. Well, today I will share with you to this side, SEO more strategies please Gathen 197813189 discussion. This article by the Weight loss drug original starting ADMIN5, reprint please keep the link, thank you for your cooperation.

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