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A list, defined as a form in which a table is a container, loaded with text or a chart. Depending on the type of product, most of them have their own list of styles, some become the main part of the product, and some are auxiliary to other pages. The main purpose of the list design is to allow users to quickly browse, scan, choose the "laborious" click and "time-consuming" to read the content carefully.

Compared to the traditional reading platform, the reading list is like a table of contents in an entity book. The novel's catalogue is concise: Title + page number; The magazine's catalogue is relatively rich: titles, subheadings, pictures, summaries, page numbers, exquisite typography, and some even advertising. Each content will have a list form for its presentation, and a reading list of information products needs to be considered:

1. Visual center of gravity

Highlight what the product wants the user to see, and guide the user to read the key recommendations.

When reading information, often by the surrounding text and image interference, not so smooth, according to the human eye visual psychology, there will be several easy to guide or interfere with the direction of visual movement characteristics.

1) Sight Guide

A. Generally, warm colors than cool, bright than dim, more easily attract the view.

General reading, the line of sight is from left to right from top to bottom, but the color guide will change the order of sight. Reasonable use can give a focus on the list, vice versa will destroy the user's psychological expectations, resulting in reading burden, affect cognitive efficiency.

B. Pictures are more appealing than words.

Pictures in the visual communication can assist the text, help understand, but also can make the layout stereo, real.

Most information class lists contain thumbnails of the article map. The placement of thumbnails, depending on the positioning of the product is also different.

More focused on the information itself more stable products, tend to put thumbnails behind the news headlines. This kind of information content is often more general picture quality, at the same time, can let users in a more stable state of mind to read each title, so as to choose their favorite content, pictures only look forward to play the role of auxiliary title.

And for the biased entertainment, fragmented information products, thumbnails placed in front of the title can be more intuitive to convey the meaning of the content, thereby shortening the user's understanding of the text title of the time, so that the user's time along the right side of the picture down fast browsing, played a fast screening purposes.

C. Rings can converge on the line of sight

D. The line of sight moves with an arrow, or a number or number.

Regular arrows or digital arrangement, easy to cause the page side overweight, or have a strong hint, pay attention to the smooth page.

2) Outstanding

If you need an article that you think users will be interested in, or if you spend a lot of time designing a part that really attracts their attention, try to "highlight" those parts.

The easiest way to do this is to use a bright-colored style or to change the background color of the item. You can also find a place to highlight other levels for this article, such as a thumbnail in front of the title. But also need to take into account the overall visual effect of the page, a principle is "too much focus equals no focus."

3) Feedback

Give visual feedback to the read content and use the interaction that distinguishes it from the "highlighting" content. For example, you have used different color dots to distinguish between the focus of the content or the ordinary, do not use the dot as a hint of the read. The same style implies the same content in people's hearts, while unread and read are two states of the same content.

2. Do Not Disturb

1) long list

If you can scan the browser effectively, a long list will not be a hassle, at least it will allow browsing without much effort and cost.

In a long list of information classes, there is no need to use standard page numbers for the following reasons:

A. From a reading world to a world of navigation.

Every time a user chooses to see more content by selecting a page number, he needs to drag himself out of a world of reading content and put it in a world of navigation. The user is not thinking about what they are going to read, but how to find something more to look at. Selecting page numbers increases the natural pause time and gives users the opportunity to assess whether they want to continue reading or simply leave.

B. Another page number has no intrinsic meaning.

Users choose page numbers just to make it easier for them to find content that they want to read on page 2nd or earlier. Give him a better way, such as by week, month, year, category, label and other attributes of the way to filter, far more effective than the page number. There are also a number of mobile terminals, the use of pagination to indicate the control, but the number of pages removed, which is a good way.

2) Advertising

The focus of reading is on content, and users don't care about seeing content-related ads or advertising that doesn't affect list browsing.

Often use the browser or use the free application of the user should have been more accustomed to the existence of advertising, but also to understand the meaning of advertising products, as long as they do not disturb their normal reading is good.

A. Don't pretend that advertising is an interesting piece of content.

Although this can increase the number of clicks on the ads, but users will be "deceived" and angry, bring bad experience.

B. Provide relevant advertising for the content.

Data show that users are willing to click on car-related ads. When the user view the model, the corresponding store recommended just for him to provide the channel to buy, or even the channel of comparison, the user is certainly pleased to go.

C. Easy to overlook.

Sometimes in order to list the neat and beautiful product, in the design will be inserted in the list of ads, and pretend it is a list of items. But should minimize the visual effect of advertising, make it look inconspicuous, can easily skip without being recognized.

Some of the products that put the ads at the top of the page, although the location is obvious, but can be turned off by buttons or only the dropdown display, is also a kind of compromise choice.

3. Reading Rhythm

Neat and repetitive format and products grasp the "first screen" strategy, easy to filter reading list process produces a similar "white noise" shielding effect. Any good thing will produce "aesthetic fatigue", after a long period of reading, users will often feel that the content is relatively prosaic and leave the list.

The advantage of micro-blogging as a reading medium is that it often has a bright spot, allowing reading to keep pace and surprise.

Keeping the rhythm of the breath can make the exercise more lasting, and keeping the rhythm of the content will also allow the reading to continue for a long time. Fun and uninteresting alternates, breaks for the user and a new interest break, plus a look for the next little surprise, resulting in the overall comfort of the product, rather than a lot of fun with a lot of uninteresting averages.

4. Items in the list

Most products will include: Title, summary, Release date, operation (click to read more, see more);

Common items: Categories, thumbnails, comments, number of pictures, author.


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