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First we know that there are two ways that DHCP adds a reserved address. One that is added to a reserved address in the scope, and another method that is bulk added through the command line.

Here's how to add a reserved address from the command line: (This method is available for testing on 2003R2 and 2008R2)

DHCP server scope add reservedip172.16.2.100 00055de2e509 pxp3


DHCP represents a DHCP configuration

The Server represents the host IP address where DHCP resides.

Scope The network number that contains the specified zone and zone.

add ReservedIP 00055de2e509 pxp3. Indicates that a reserved address (ADDRESERVEDIP) is added to assign a reserved IP address to the computer for MAC address 00055de2e509. The name reserved is PXP3. 。

How to use:

1. Save the command dhcpserver scope add ReservedIP 00055de2e509 in a text file, such as PXP3. 30 computers must have 30 such commands.

2. Then the command netshexec dhcp.txt to execute the commands in this file.

The TXT file into the C-packing directory, and then open a command prompt and switch to C-packing path, directly enter the following command.

netsh exec dhcp.txt Note: DHCP represents the file name of the TXT file you want to use, and you can use this method if you need to set up a large batch of reserved client IP addresses.


The method mentioned in this article only tests normally in single scope mode, and if your company is a multi-domain model, please let us know when you test or test your results.

The action effect is shown in the following illustration:

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