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Microsoft launched the WINDOWS7 system also has a few years, those conventional tips and small improvements to believe that we all know a lot, today want to introduce a practical but little-known Win7 new features, it is like the Moonlight Box in the west, so that time countercurrent, Powerful and humanized Win7 Volume Shadow copy function.

In general, document processing accounts for most of the time we use computers, and sometimes we face the awkward situation: documents that have been painstakingly modified do not meet the needs and have to be traced back to a certain state in the process of file modification. Do we need to copy a copy of the file before we modify it? Friends who are familiar with Word should know that Word has the ability to save file versions. But the drawbacks of this feature are obvious, not only will produce a tie file a copy takes up a lot of disk space, and if it's a non Word file (like a picture) then it's powerless. This is where we can use the shadow copy feature, which allows the system to create shadow copies of all files that are saved on the hard disk partition on which the System Restore is enabled every time the restore point is created. This allows us to restore the file using a specific restore point when needed.

In fact, the shadow copy is not in Windows 7, and it already exists from Vista. However, in Win7, the shadow copy function has been greatly improved and more humane. The performance is that shadow copies in Vista are related to System Restore, that is, if you want to use shadow copies in a partition, you must turn on System Restore on that partition. This treatment of its drawbacks is obvious, usually we keep the data file in the system partition, in order to use the shadow copy function, we must open the partition's System Restore function, the waste of disk space is self-evident. The two functions were decoupled in Win7, so that we had a choice, enabling System Restore or shadow copies as needed. By default in Windows 7, only system disks are enabled for both System Restore and shadow copies, and for other partitions, you can manually enable the shadow copy feature of the partition if you want to use shadow copies.

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