SharePoint 2010 Installation Steps

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With roommates originally wanted to study office software, first from SharePoint, did not expect to start on the jam, no server, no space, no installation, search for the original steps are as follows:

First prepare a machine to install the system and SQLServer2008, the operating system requires Windows Server 2008 SP2, SQLServer2008 requires SP1, and the corresponding patch of the system and SQL are complete, the machine is ready to start the installation.

First install prerequisite software, if the machine can connect the Internet, will automatically download these software, can not connect to the Internet can only be manually downloaded, the specific need to download the software, please refer to the following connection: SharePoint 2010 Installation Prerequisites Download Link

Accept the license agreement,

Start testing the system and download the corresponding software,

Installation error, error prompted unable to install PowerShell CTP3, I downloaded the installation package alone, the installation is also an error, and finally passed the test, found that the Windows Server 2008 to take their own PowerShell 1.0 uninstall before you can install; , the installation was successful.

OK, the prerequisite software installation was successful.

To start installing SharePoint2010, the first step is of course to enter the key:

Accept the License Agreement:

Select installation Type:

We chose server farm installation:

You chose a full installation and then started a lengthy setup process:

Installation complete, start configuration:

Configuration Wizard The first step, similar to SharePoint2007:

To configure the second step, we choose to create a new server farm:

Enter relevant information:

Unlike SharePoint2007, a single server has a secure password:

Set port number:

Confirm the relevant information:

It is also a lengthy configuration process:

After the configuration is complete, the Administration center starts and the server farm is configured, which is a bit smarter than SharePoint2007:

Compared to the SharePoint2007, the configuration is much simpler, no more step-by-step configuration:

Processing, oh, this process is too long, patiently waiting for it.

Configuration complete, automatically enter the page where the site collection is created:

Create a network solicitation, configuration completed:

Haha, installation completed, the last show, Management Center home:

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